FIFA 17 thinks it’s an action blockbuster in reveal trailer


As is commonplace this close to E3, trailers teasing longer trailers are starting to crop up on YouTube, and today EA released one for FIFA 17. Now, I don’t know if some wires got crossed when they were planning this teaser, but I think someone forgot to tell whomever it concerns that FIFA isn’t a Hollywood blockbuster.

I mean, just watch the trailer. This has got to be the most intense trailer for an annual sports game I’ve ever seen.

If the inclusion of the Inception bwwwwwaaaaahhhhhhhhs weren’t enough to convince you, the “war has changed” thematic through-line certainly should have. Perhaps the memo for the Battlefield 1 trailer was accidentally delivered to the wrong department and they just went with it.

This reveal also brings the news that FIFA 17 will be changing its game engine from the previous Ignite Engine to Frostbite, the one used to run other EA juggernauts like Battlefield, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, Star Wars Battlefront and Need for Speed. As the trailer showed, they’re using motion and facial capture to bring players to life. While sports titles aren’t really known for their graphical prowess, it’s still impressive to see how far they’ve come through that montage.

FIFA 17 will have a full reveal at EA’s pre-E3 event next Monday (June 13) at 6am AEST (June 12, 1pm PST). The game itself launches September 29, with earlier access for both EA Access and Origin Access subscribers.

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