New Horizon Zero Dawn trailer reveals March 2017 release date


Remember Horizon Zero Dawn, the seemingly prehistoric open-world action game that’s really set in the future and has actual robot dinosaurs? Since it made a huge splash at the Playstation E3 conference in 2015, the game faded into the background with not a peep coming out of Sony or the developer, Guerrilla Games. For me, it took the little flyer included in copies of Uncharted 4 last month to remind me that Horizon was on the, well, horizon.

But today Playstation released a new trailer for the game that sheds some light on the story but also drops March 1, 2017 as the official release date.

So, the heritage of Horizon’s pun-tastically named protagonist Aloy seems to be the driving force of the narrative, specifically the classic Jon Snow question of “who is my mother?” This issue seems to be a point of contention between tribes in this post-apocalyptic future, and my money is they don’t like someone being directly related to those responsible for the machine uprising. At least, that scanner confirming it knew Aloy’s identity seems to suggest some kind of connection between her and the advanced technology.

On paper the premise sounds similar to Ubisoft’s Far Cry: Primal, another open world action game about warring caveman tribes. Only this time the wilderness is full of giant, animal-like machines.

To be honest, it’s the world of this game that I’m the most curious about. What are these giant robot dinosaurs? How did they come about? Are they entirely self sufficient from an ecosystem perspective? Do they breed, and if so is that done entirely autonomously or is a human element involved? And if they don’t breed/replicate, does that mean for every machine that Aloy kills they’re one closer to extinction as a species? CAN WE EVEN CONSIDER THEM A SPECIES?!

Too many questions. I guess I’ll have to wait until early 2017 to find out, unless my incredibly pedantic and stupid queries will be a point of focus in Playstation’s E3 presentation next week.

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