XCOM 2 is coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4


XCOM 2, arguably one of the greatest strategy games of all time (and my current GOTY pick), has been announced for a console release on September 6. It won’t be long before the torment of missing shots and seeing carefully laid plans shred to pieces can be hated enjoyed by console gamers.

Initially it appeared that 2K’s brutal sci-fi strategy title would remain a PC only game, somewhat driven by the poor sales of Enemy Unknown on last gen systems. Yet here we are, there’s a trailer to show you and everything.

To get you in the alien slaying mood you can relive some of our traumatic XCOM 2 moments, like that time I nearly burst with rage on the final mission, or that time Tom lost one too many soldiers and broke down. Of course you can check out our review as well.

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