Destiny’s new expansion is next-gen only


During last night’s livestream, Bungie officially revealed Rise of Iron, Destiny’s upcoming expansion. It will mark the beginning of the game’s third year, and will most likely be the last DLC before Destiny 2 releases next year. With it, we will of course be getting new things to do, new gear, and a significant light level increase.

If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones, you’ll be happy to see that Rise of Iron has a lot of similarities: wolves, lords, snow, and a mysterious enemy gathering beyond the Wall. Similar to the Hive and Taken, the new enemy are actually Fallen that have infected themselves with an ancient technological plague called Siva.

Apparently they forgot to update their antivirus.

Apparently they forgot to update their antivirus.

So what are we getting to fight these upgraded enemies? An upgraded Gjallerhorn. One of the first things Bungie confirmed is that the Gjallerhorn is coming back, and if you preorder, it’s black. The anticipation of this announcement has been so great that Bungie even gave the Gjallerhorn its own trailer. Anyone that plays Rise of Iron will be able to acquire the classic white and gold version, preorder or not, as the new G-horn is acquired through a quest, so you won’t even need to worry about RNG.

Not to alarm anyone, but it has the same colour scheme as the uniform for Nazi officers.

Not to alarm anyone, but it has the same colour scheme as the uniform for Nazi officers.

So now we have that important news out of the way, we can move onto the regular stuff. Rise of Iron includes a whole lot of new experiences. There aren’t too many specifics yet, but there will be a new cinematic campaign, with both CG and in-game cutscenes; hopefully this means an actual story like The Taken King had.

There are new areas, which take place in Old Russia on Earth, but expanded with a new patrol zone and social space. Crucible also gets a few new things as expected, due to the ‘Iron Banner’ theme of the expansion. This includes new features, maps, and a new mode.

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There are new co-op activities, including only one new strike, but some older strikes will be getting updated to tie-in with the expansion. And yes, there will be a new raid. Currently, the only glimpse is the few seconds of footage from the trailer. From what we’ve seen, one of the bosses will be a giant Fallen machine, unofficially dubbed the Death Zamboni during Bungie’s stream, and appears to take place on the Wall (so, a Donald Trump boss?). This is a welcome change as the previous raids took place underground and in enclosed spaces, but the new raid is outside and in daylight.

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Enjoy those sprawling vistas as you get Zambowned.

Surprisingly, Bungie confirmed during the livestream that Rise of Iron will be next-gen only. This is obviously bad news for players without a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, but will be good for the future of Destiny. The franchise will no longer be held back by old-gen hardware, hopefully meaning faster patches, better graphics and frame-rates for Destiny 2, as well as even bigger battles. If you’re on PS3 or 360, take note that from August 2016, character progression will be separate between old-gen and next-gen. After August, it appears that once you characters to next-gen, you’ll no longer be able to use them on old-gen.

The announcement of Rise of Iron appears to show that Destiny’s DLC schedule has slightly changed. Assuming Rise of Iron and Forge of Gods were intended to be the same expansion, it appears that players have missed out on Vex Void which like the Vex themselves, may have time-travelled to Destiny 2’s story or disappeared from our current plane of existence.

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The price for Rise of Iron is US$30, which will be around AU$50-$60. This puts it lower than The Taken King which cost US$40 (AU$70) at release and means that the expansion will likely be smaller than The Taken King but larger than The Dark Below and House of Wolves. Rise of Iron will release on September 20.

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