On screen: Ubisoft announce Star Trek VR game


Make it so! Looks like there will be a new Star Trek VR experience warping onto PS VR, Oculus and Vive.

Abruptly announced by Ubisoft owned Red Storm Entertainment, the multiplayer game Star Trek: Bridge Crew will have up to four players filling the shoes of captain, tactical, helm and engineering officers aboard the starship Aegis.

We will see more of Bridge Crew at E3 during Ubisoft’s presentation tomorrow. An image has shown Trek stars Jeri Ryan (Voyager‘s 7 of 9), LeVar Burton (The Next Generation‘s Geordi La Forge) and Karl Urban (JJ Universe’s Dr McCoy) grinning away using VR headsets in what will surely be a promotional video for the event.

star trek vr

Dream team.

What we know so far is that the game is set in the rebooted JJ Abrams universe (boo) and will take place aboard the starship Aegis. Players will be on a mission to find a suitable new home for Vulcan refugees after the obliteration of their home planet in the 2009 Trek flick. Players will be able to activate the warp drive, scan objects, put images on screen, and presumably fire phasers at sexy aliens. Gameplay will consist of both a story mode and randomly generated events.

David Votypka, senior creative director at Red Storm told the Associated Press that “it’s up to you if you want to try the Kirk approach or be more methodical. The game is more about how you and your crew approach situations. It’s not binary. Is it more important to save the Vulcan scientists or rescue everyone on the planet? It might be too difficult to do both. It’s just like the show. There’s not any one right answer.”

For those worrying the VR experience might not feel legit, 7 of 9 Jeri Ryan told the AP “this wasn’t anything like you see on the show, when we were shooting it, the bridge set was all plywood and plastic. When you’re looking at the ship’s monitors, they were either green screens or just big openings in the walls. This was incredible. It’s what it would be like if it were real.”

Star Trek: Bridge Crew is set for release in US Autumn, which is Summer for us Australians.

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