Bioware teases Mass Effect Andromeda – E3 2016


Although it teeters on the edge of being one of those annoying “in development” videos, this is the most we’ve ever seen of the follow up to the Mass Effect trilogy.

Shown by developer Bioware during the EA Play event earlier this morning, the video comprises of members of the production team creating the various people, aliens and environments in the game, along with a first look at the new protagonist (seen at the end).

Seeing the new main character may seem a bit moot given Bioware games usually let players create their own unique person, but the original Mass Effect games had a default male and female Commander Shepard so this must be one of the defaults for whomever she turns out to be.

The game is rendered in the Frostbite engine, like a lot of other EA games these days, making it look suitably pretty. The Asari seem to also be making a return, so here’s hoping more of the species from the original games will be back as well.

Mass Effect Andromeda 1

And more of this gorgeous sci-fi-ness.

The video lacks what I believe to be the most vital component of this game’s hype (aside from giving us an actual goddamn cinematic and/or gameplay trailer that is): how our previous trilogy decisions will affect it.

Bioware have been cagey as to if our past in-game actions will have an affect on Andromeda, but given Mass Effect 3 asked players to make some pretty big, universe relevant choices, one would hope they would matter going forward.

More as we have it.

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