These are the Star Wars games you’re looking for – E3 2016


With EA’s conference at E3 wrapping up, we can now look back and pick at the gaming carcass for meaty morsels of news. Well that’s what we tell ourselves anyway. So let’s get the BB-8 rolling and check out the latest Star Wars news.

EA seem to have a lot of fingers in Lucas pie this year, with various studios collaborating with them on Star Wars titles. Check out the video fresh from E3 yourself:

In the video we see DICE talking Battlefront as they work on next year’s sequel to the shooter and roll out expansions for the first, which are due to wrap up in December.

Respawn, better known for creating Titanfall, are working on their as of yet untitled third person adventure game set in the Star Wars universe. The video shows game director Stig Asmussen working with actors to create lightsabre battles, so at least we now know that you are likely to fill a Jedi’s shoes.

Visceral, the devs behind Dead Space, are also working on a third person Star Wars title, which we saw for the briefest of glimpses. It also looks like the game will involve Amy Henning, who previously worked with Sony on the first three Uncharted games. This title should be out in 2017.

Some artwork from Visceral’s title.

Bioware made some vague mention of continuing work on Star Wars: The Old Republic. So good news for people that still play that?

Capital Games are also continuing work on the mobile game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, which is, uh cool we guess.

Now back to DICE for one final exciting snippet to leave you with. From a brief glimpse of a screen and PlayStation VR headset we see an X-Wing being paired with the device, hinting that they are indeed making a Battlefront experience for PlayStation VR that will involve the iconic ship!

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