Highlights from the PlayStation showcase – E3 2016


PlayStation really didn’t slow down with their excellent presentation, starting with epic orchestral music and jumping right into a huge announcement. Not pausing long to speak, the games were left to shine, and this was an approach that really worked. Hold onto your butts, there are a lot of announcements to make. As promised there was no hardware revealed, so instead we have a load of games to talk about.

God of War

We were treated to ten minutes of God of War gameplay, which was both beautiful, violent and emotionally moving. Kratos hunts with a young child who is pretty shit with a bow, but seems to be dear to the now bearded Spartan. The gameplay felt reminiscent of The Last of Us. Oh, and some troll creature mentioned Valhalla, so looks like that Norse setting is for real.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

The robot dinosaur game now has a release date of February 28 2017, but that wasn’t revealed until a slide right at the end of the expo. What we did see during the presentation was a lot of gameplay, including mounts, new enemies and skills. This game sure looks pretty so far, and the setting has definitely got our attention.

The Last Guardian

Yes, this is still a thing, and it even has a release date of October 25 2016. The new trailer didn’t show off too much, but it’s still worth basking in if you’re as excited for this game as fellow Editor Tom.

Days Gone

If only this had said Naughty Dog and not Bend Studio at the beginning we would have all thought it was the rumoured Last of Us sequel. It looks like a cross between Sons of Anarchy and The Walking Dead, with a biker dude fighting more zombies than you can imagine. The trailer was great and the gameplay was tense, so why not follow the wise words of Old El Paso girl and have both (UPDATE: PlayStation have yet to release the gameplay and the video I previously embedded was hit with a copyright take down). Oh, side note: nearly spat at my mailman for knocking and interrupting this live. Games be games yo, just leave that package at the door next time.

Batman: Arkham VR

Yes. Yes Yes. When Mark Hamill’s voice came out of my speakers I nearly punched the computer screen with excitement. Batman: Arkham VR will be an exclusive VR experience for PlayStation. WE CAN REALLY BE THE BAT!


Insomniac games are making a Spiderman title exclusively for PlayStation. We don’t know much so far, apart from the fact Parker’s suit is ugly as sin in the game.

Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Available to be downloaded as a demo right now, this blocky adaptation of Force Awakens looks predictably like every other Lego game, but that’s kind of what they do now, and for the most part it’s been working.

Crash Bandicoot

You did read that right. Crash Bandicoot 1, 2 and Warped are being completely remastered and released on PS4. Crash will also being making an appearance in the next Skylanders game.

Resident Evil VII

Available to be played entirely in VR, this was creepy as fuck during the conference and one I will more than happily put in my nope pile. Good news for horror fans though!

Final Fantasy XV

The latest Final Fantasy game will have some VR interactivity. Not sure I’m okay with how scantily clad that girl in the video was, but eh, kind of over losing that fight in this industry these days, it’s all been said before.

Detroit: Become Human

The android crime game sure looks beautiful and has enough Blade Runner in it, but something about the trailer turned me off. Maybe the voice acting? Anyway, there looks to be plenty of choices in this game and it will surely be a hit with fans of Quantic Dream titles such as Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls.


PS VR sci-fi game Farpoint looks incredibly promising. The setting, appears to be a winner for VR, but I am curious how the gameplay will work given its connection to the medium.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Considering how disliked the trailer was the latest Call of Duty’s gameplay actually impressed. The dog fighting looks solid and grappling people in space sure looks fun. Oh and we saw some more Modern Warfare remaster footage, including All Ghillied Up.

Death Stranding

We should probably leave you with this bombshell. Hideo Kojima was at the conference, and he announced that he is indeed back, he even has a trailer to prove it. Death Stranding shows Norman Reedus with a baby surrounded by dead sea life as he stares emotionally at creepy figures in the sky. Yeah, weird. But the involvement with Reedus is great news and we could possibly be getting a very P.T inspired game here.

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