Highlights from the Xbox showcase – E3 2016


Considering we were fast asleep during Xbox’s E3 conference it’s probably a good time now to recap all the news and announcements. So without delay here is our recap of Xbox at E3.


It looks like Xbox have fired the first shots in the battle of next gen.5 consoles, with the announcement of two new Xbox One models. All games and accessories will work with the new additions

The Xbox One S will be available as soon as this August and is a relatively predictable upgrade to the existing model. Featuring a thinner design that is 40 percent smaller than the original, the S supports 4K video and has up to 2TB of memory. The initial model released in August will have room for  2TB, with 500GB and 1TB editions to be released soon after.

Project Scorpio was also confirmed and said to be the most powerful console ever made, so let’s go  ahead and see why that claim might have been made. To be released in 2017, Scorpio natively runs 4K games, has the capability to support VR devices and uses six teraflops of power. Games will allegedly be able to run at maximum resolution the entire time with Scorpio, meaning those 1080 60fps games don’t drop at all.

To repeat what we said earlier, Xbox put emphasis on the fact that all the new consoles will be completely compatible with games, cross play and hardware.

Cross Play and Live

Xbox Play Anywhere was announced alongside the Gears of War 4 co-op video, which means purchasers of Gears will be able to play their copy on both Xbox One and PC, as well as play co-op between the systems. This feature will be available for several games upcoming for Xbox One.

Clubs and Looking for Group add new features to Xbox Live that promise to be a community hub and teammate finding app respectively.

Minecraft also announced cross platform play in the Friendly Update, which will let Xbox players share realms with PC, iOS and Andriod gamers.


Sea of Thieves was a highlight from last year’s E3, so it’s no surprise that the game from Rare is topping my list of anticipated Xbox games again. The open world pirate game is an Xbox and PC exclusive.

Halo Wars 2 won’t be out until next year, but we were promised the beta is available much sooner, in fact it is accessible right now. We were also treated to cinematic and gameplay trailers.

We Happy Few is a game that has been in the pipeline for a long time now, and one that was slightly underwhelming when I played it at PAXAus, but nonetheless, the new trailer looks creepy and great.

Xbox will continue to host indie titles, and this compilation solidifies that they have some great ones coming soon. Look our for Cuphead, Slime Rancher  and Outlast in the video.

State of Decay will be getting a sequel that promises multiplayer. The first was a great openworld zombie game, so this looks promising so far.

Of Course Gears of War 4 made it to the conference with some Co-op gameplay. So far the latest Gears is looking pretty slick.

Dead Rising 4 made an appearance and looks to be set at Christmas time, with the trailer already demonstrating some ridiculous weapons and gore.

Scalebound showed some great monster designs in what was dubbed as one of the biggest boss battles ever at the conference.

ReCore is a Xbox and PC exclusive title that looks beautiful and well thought out, the trailer was up there for music use alone.

But perhaps the most exciting news is that Gwent  will soon be a stand alone game and also supports cross system play with PC users. The popular Witcher spin off titled Gwent: The Witcher Card Game, will be available from September 2016. You can register for the beta here.

Of course there was more from the conference, you can check out all the Xbox videos at this link. And now to recap the other news from E3!

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