Mass Effect Andromeda won’t be affected by previous trilogy choices – E3 2016


While reporting on Mass Effect Andromeda’s kind-of-a-trailer from the EA Play event on Monday, I pondered as to whether or not players’ decisions in Mass Effect 3 would have any impact on the upcoming game. I was hoping perhaps Andromeda would give some meaning to the choices made throughout Mass Effect 3 that turned out to barely influence the ending at all.

Well, while speaking to IGN at the conference, Bioware creative director Mac Walters confirmed that Andromeda will be a fresh start and unaffected by the previous trilogy’s ending.

“We had a lot of different ideas when we started on early concepts for what we wanted to do with the next Mass Effect game,” Walters said. “I think, aside from the fact that we said the Mass Effect trilogy was a trilogy for Shepard’s story, which we have concluded, we were very careful to make sure that big choices like [the Mass Effect 3 finale] wouldn’t impact your decisions.”


“I’ll impact YOUR decisions!”

He went on to say that Andromeda takes place “hundreds of years” after the events of the Mass Effect trilogy.

“We wanted Andromeda to be a fresh experience for everyone,” he said. “So if you haven’t played [the previous games], you don’t have to worry about whether you missed out on some key choice or something like that.”

So that’s that. It will probably be for the best going forward, as having to incorporate all the different outcomes that would result from everyone’s previous save files would be a nightmare. But I find it disappointing that my spending three games agonising over what to do about the Krogan Genophage won’t amount to anything. That whole aspect of the Mass Effect trilogy really got to me, as the ramifications for both myself as a moral person and the universe at large if I chose to cure or continue to enforce it would be very serious indeed.

In other news, the identity of Andromeda’s protagonist has been confirmed. Seen in Monday’s trailer (and pictured below), Mass Effect producer Michael Gamble posted on Twitter that the character’s surname is Ryder.

Mass Effect Andromeda Ryder

Here she is, looking sadly at all the terrible first names she’ll be given…

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