What you need to know about Demonheart


“If you never trust anyone, how can you tell friends from traitors?”

Demonheart is an upcoming indie game I’ve been pretty eager to write about for a while now. Having recently begun its crowd funding on Indiegogo, Demonheart offers a unique spin on the traditional visual novel experience with beautiful character and location designs, and a unique, haunting soundtrack.

Curse those discriminatory anti-demon seals.

It promises deceit, intrigue, and grey morality with the ability to roleplay the protagonist in any way you choose, coupled with an intricate story set in a dark fantasy universe and focusing primarily on the macabre activities of demons and witches.

You play as Bright, a young commoner girl from the town of Feline, who has befriended Orchid, a famous and beloved healer-witch with dark secrets that Bright soon uncovers. Following a grave personal tragedy, she becomes plagued by the presence of a demon who has not only taken an interest in her, but who also speaks to her inside her head, advising her and commenting on her journey as they see fit.

We've all had one of those days.

We’ve all had one of those days.

It is up to the player how they react to this passenger character and how that relationship fosters throughout the game. In addition, Bright encounters several others who will go on to play important roles in her new life, including an apprentice witch with torn loyalties, and an infamous black knight.

Demonheart will have multiple choice conversations with custom, shifting alignments that react and change to your choices, and offer the ability to form unconventional friendships, romances or rivalries with other characters.

Throughout the game a journal will fill itself with bits and pieces of world lore that allows further immersion into this creative new world. There will be multiple (and some secret) endings, offering the player extensive replayability. Due to the dark nature of the story, its current rating stands at a 17+, stating on Indiegogo that it will include mature content such as “bad language, violent themes, graphic blood and gore, and sexual references.”

Damn those explicit witches.

Damn explicit witches.

Demonheart plans on releasing an early access to backers in October 2016, with an official release to the general public in December with chapter one. The game itself will span five chapters in total, with each one running at about 1.5 hours long.

The game will be released episodically, much like a Telltale game, with each chapter being roughly three months apart, coming to a fiery conclusion in 2017. It will be distributed as a PC-only game by new developers Rolling Crown for Windows, Linux and OS X, on both Steam and DRM-free.

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