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During Playstation’s E3 conference on Tuesday, Capcom announced Resident Evil VII is coming on January 24, 2017. Fully compatible with Playstation VR, my fellow editor Charlie promptly said he would “more than happily put it in [his] nope pile.”

So as you can imagine, when the playable teaser for the game dropped on the Playstation store, it fell to me to be the one who records some gameplay from it. It’s very different to other Resident Evils, as the VII demo is in first person as compared to the series’ general third person, and I very quickly got some P.T. vibes. It might not reach P.T.’s horrific genius, but the demo certainly got me going in places.

Here you are, enjoy!

So, I’m probably not going to have a great time the next time I find myself in a department store, damn mannequins.

As for how this demo relates to the main game is anyone’s guess. Will the entire thing be a first person, weaponless horror game ala Outlast, or is that just for this demo? That would be quite a genre shift for the series, and certainly taking advantage of Konami cancelling Silent Hills. Regardless, seeing Resident Evil return to its horror roots is a good sign, as the series has copped a lot of flak for dipping its toes in the action genre pool of late.

Guess we’ll find out more in January.

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