Fallout 4 now requires linking Bethesda and Steam accounts to upload mods


Bethesda have updated the mod Creation Kit for Fallout 4 to require users to link their Bethesda account with their Steam account before uploading any mods. According to a post on Bethesda’s community forums, linking the accounts is simply done automatically by starting up Fallout 4, selecting “Mods” and logging in.

This change presumably comes as a response to recent situations where PC modders have reported their work being stolen and re-uploaded to the console versions, as having linked accounts would allow Bethesda to better track and punish offenders. It also leaves open the possibility that the penalties for fraudulently uploading mod content could extend to the offenders Steam account rather than just a Bethesda ban, but the developers would have to coordinate such a decision with Valve.

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And Valve is all knowing…

The update also comes in anticipation of mod support coming to Playstation 4, following the launch of mods on Xbox One in May. According to the forum post, there are still some issues regarding mod creation for Sony’s console they are endeavouring to fix but modders should be aware of in the mean time:

  • PC textures are used. Memory and performance issues may occur. We are working with Sony on optimal texture exporting support in a future update.
  • Sound files are currently not supported. PS4 sound format is a proprietary format. We are working with Sony on sound file processing support in a future update.
  • PS4 Mod Storage limit is approximately 900 MB at present. Please do not upload mods larger than 900 MB. We are working with Sony to increase this limit.

For comparisons sake, on Xbox One Fallout 4 allows for up to 2gb worth of mods to be installed at any one time. Bethesda say the closed PS4 mods beta is “close to ready”, and anyone who uploads a mod for PS4 will get an invite when the time comes.

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