Let’s talk about Overwatch hero spamming


Ahh Overwatch, how you have captured my heart and my spare time as of late. At first you were a fun and enjoyable roller coaster ride where I whimsically experimented with heroes and strategies, celebrating with friends when they worked and laughing hysterically when they faceplanted into a beehive. Fast forward a few weeks to whereI have a grasp on the game, knowing intimately how a team should be constructed and who should be doing what. This is about when the rage kicked in, rage fueled by a little bearded gnome and his spamming ass turrets.

Like this picture, but all turrets.

Like this picture, but all turrets.

Only a couple of nights ago I came up against the dirtiest of play styles in every single match where I was on the attacking side. The trashiest of garbage plays had the opposition using a minimum of two Torbjörns on their team. By placing a bunch of turrets around a control point or payload, it makes it hard for the opposition to maneuver, making things slide downhill fast for the attackers. It’s not so much that this play is really hard to combat, it’s more the psychological warfare aspect of it. Each turret can take some time to take down, especially when an ultimate is active and it has a ludicrous 800 HP. And once you take one out, another pops up immediately due to the sheer volume of builders and their shitty guerilla warfare. It’s like the Vietnam war, but with less actual crimes against humanity and more screen punching.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for hero spamming every now and then. It can be pretty funny and shake things up a bit, but what concerned me with this was the fact that in each of these games, and there must have been about 15 of them that night, the teams using the play were made up of entirely different players.

Token 76.

Keep walking 76, your kind aren’t welcome here.

Spamming turrets has become a genuine mainstream tactic now, it’s not just the odd grouped up players doing it anymore, and it sucks. Its awfulness is not so much because it’s hard to beat, and it’s not that hard if you orchestrate well and use counters, but because it becomes tedious to play against. What I love about Overwatch is the variety of play on offer, and by placing three or four turrets on a choke point I’m not really able to do much in the way of variety.

It’s reminding me an awful lot of my competitive StarCraft II days, where being cannon rushed or 12 pooled in a ranked game would have me pulling one of these.


That represents withdrawing from a game and internally dying… but also I love watching that GIF, so I’ll try and put it in as many articles as possible from now on. Where were we? Oh yeah, fuck Torbjörn spammers.

Here’s hoping when ranked play comes out later this month that doubling up on heroes is disallowed. Overwatch is mostly a balanced game, but all it takes is for people to be frustrated by turret heavy matches to have them start abandoning competitive play or joining in on the fuckery if they stay.

It’s a vicious cycle people! Make it stop, only you can prevent Torbjörn rage and other such cliches buzz lines. To sum this all up, say no to Overwatch hero spamming, you’ll be a better person for it.

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