The Steam Summer Sale has begun


It’s that time again, the time where bankers worldwide wonder what has happened to gamer’s accounts as they are slowly drained directly into Gabe Newell’s eagerly awaiting mouth. The Steam Summer Sale has begun is what I’m trying to say.

steam sales

“Spendeth my children.”

Head on over to Steam to find yourself a bargain, there are plenty to be had this year. Out of the many discounted games you can pick up these gems at pretty decent prices (all in USD):

Fallout 4 for $39.97

The Witcher Trilogy Bundle for $34.17

Outlast for $4.99

Hotline Miami for $3.74

Doom for $47.97

This War of Mine for $4.99

Southpark The Stick of Truth for $8.23

Shadow of Mordor for $16.49

Life is Strange for $1.99

XCOM 2 for $35.99

BioShock Infinite for $9.99

SOMA for $14.99

Portal 2 for $4.99

Of course there are plenty more and I could sit here all day listing them, but these are the ones that caught my eye. Go forth and spend wisely you beautiful PC gamers.

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