Battlefront livestream interrupted by a drive-by shooting


Only in America could a situation like this happen and elicit such a nonchalant response.

YouTube user matthew serna [sic] uploaded a video on the weekend of him playing Star Wars Battlefront when suddenly a considerable amount of gunfire could be heard outside. serna then calmly chuckled, saying “someone just got shot, I think,” before asking “do I need to grab a gun right now, that sounded really close?”

He then says he hears a car driving off, and that he “thinks [his] neighbours just got driven-by.”

Here’s the clip:

According to a post in the comments, situations such as these happen a lot in serna’s neighbourhood. The video description also says police arrived on the scene and serna was unsure if anyone was hit in the crossfire. Hopefully no one was hurt.

But this video highlights another horrifying byproduct of the US gun problem. Aside from the fact there’s been nearly as many mass shootings in the US as there have been days this year, and that serna’s reaction was whether he himself should grab a gun, it’s how desensitised these guys are to such violence that scares me.

Their first response was laughter. Laughter. I don’t know about anyone else, but when that’s your first reaction to someone possibly being murdered across the street, something’s not right in your society.

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