Ford dealership seems to have lifted Firewatch artwork


Some video games can be considered pieces of art, take Firewatch for example, the acclaimed walking sim had a distinctive feel and style about it that has become iconic for those in the know. So iconic that it was instantly recognisable when allegedly stolen for use in a Ford Dealership’s advertising campaign.

ford firewatch

Do we attribute this image to Ford or Campo Santo?

A Ford dealership in Quincy Massachusetts is supposedly behind the promotion, which was brought to our attention via a tweet from Firewatch co-producers Panic Inc. Ford representatives reportedly told IGN “Ford was not involved in creating the Quirk dealership advertising. Our dealers are independent businesses.” So we guess it’s safe to assume someone at the Quincy dealership really dug the Henry and Delilah bond.

Of course this peculiar case didn’t go unnoticed by the Firewatch team, as Campo Santo co-founders voiced their opinions on Twitter.

Strangely this isn’t the first time Ford and the gaming world have collided this year, as a series of adverts bizarrely used classic Metal Gear Solid moments which included original Snake voice actor David Haytor.

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