Uncharted 4’s first MP DLC changes the season pass, adds a levelling system


Patch 1.08 for Uncharted 4 multiplayer released today and it brings with it some significant changes to the game’s economy. It is also full on pirate themed.

Titled “Lost Treasures”, the free DLC includes a new map, new weapons and items, a new Mystical and some new booster abilities.

A lot of the upgrades are highlighted in this trailer Playstation released today.

But perhaps the biggest alterations brought by patch 1.08 is the addition of a more conventional levelling system and how it changes the game’s “Triple Pack” season pass.

The levelling system rewards players with either Relics, the free in-game currency, or Chests containing random assortments of weapons, items or ability boosters. There are 70 levels to climb through XP earned from scoring points, collecting medals and finishing matches. Every five levels will unlock an exclusive cosmetic item unobtainable through other means. This works in addition to the old system I spoke about in my impressions of the multiplayer, where Relics were earned through completing the daily challenges and spent on unlocking Chests.

I, for one, am glad to see this kind of system introduced, because while I found Uncharted 4 multiplayer to be a lot of fun, I often felt frustrated that matches where I didn’t achieve anything towards the dailies weren’t getting me any closer to unlocking better gear.


Yarrr, I be too old for this shit…

As for the Triple Pack season pass, it is being discontinued altogether and replaced with the “Explorer’s Pack”, essentially bundling the game’s upcoming single player DLC with a microtransaction purchase.

The Explorer’s Pack contains 3,200 Uncharted Points, the game’s microtransaction currency so as to, according to the Playstation blog, “[provide] players with even greater choice on which items they prefer to own,” since Uncharted Points can be used to purchase specific items normally unlocked at random through Chests. The previous Triple Pack contained access to Uncharted 4’s single player DLC upon release, as well as access to specific items with each of the upcoming multiplayer updates. In Lost Treasures, Triple Pack owners instantly receive the P90 Long Gun, the Gifting Booster, Pirate Drake Skin, Pirate Commodore Hat and the Rubber Leg Taunt.

The Explorer’s Pack costs the same as the Triple Pack, $37.95AUD, while a 3,200 Uncharted Points bundle costs $29.95AUD. Current owners of the Triple Pack, or anyone who purchases Uncharted 4’s digital deluxe edition, will still receive instant items in future DLC releases.

There’s also a bunch of balancing tweaks being implemented in patch 1.08, full details of which are on the Uncharted website.

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