Month: July 2016

We Happy Few shows promise but needs work

We Happy Few has been one of the more interesting games on everyone’s radars of late. How could it not be, it’s a dystopian, alternate 1960s, sci-fi game about people living a perfect utopia they’ve invented in their minds thanks to being so hyped up on a mandatory happy drug. Kind of like Bioshock meets the movie Equilibrium. If you’ve encountered both of those things, you...[Read More]

Dota 2 TI6 team spotlight: compLexity Gaming

– Francesco Puglisi The International 2016 starts in a few days in Seattle, where the best 16 teams in the world are going to battle it out for the highest prize pool in the history of eSports, slightly more than US$18.5 million. To put things into perspective, the Super Bowl dishes out a meagre $8.5M and the baseball World Series $8M, while the Wimbledon tennis tournament allocated around $11M fo...[Read More]

New Prey has “no tie with the original,” says Arkane

Arkane Studios president and creative director Raphael Colantonio has confirmed that the new Prey game revealed during Bethesda’s E3 presentation is “not a sequel, it’s not a remake,” and “it has no tie with the original.” “You have to look at it like a re-imagining of the IP,” he says. “You’re on a space station, there are aliens and you have ...[Read More]

Darksiders remaster name is PUN-ishable by death

The universe must be spying on me, because it was only yesterday that I commented on how cringe-worthy a pun Hilary Clinton made about Pokémon GO was and now news of this pundamental failure falls right into my lap. I know the universe isn’t known for pulling its pun-ches, but if this is my fault, then to everyone I say: I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry. So, Nordic Games have announce...[Read More]

The Pokémon GO Honest Trailer is glorious

The internet, heck, the entire world, has gone mad for Pokémon GO. Stories about it have dominated newsfeeds of both social media and video games press alike for the past month, and depending on how much of a fan of the game you are it’s either been great fun or a huge annoyance. We here at LoadScreen have tried to keep our Pokémon GO coverage to a tolerable minimum, mainly comprising of my ...[Read More]

Xbox One S 1TB and 500GB release dates confirmed

Microsoft announced last week that the first refresh of the Xbox One, the 4K video enabled, smaller Xbox One S, will be hitting stores on August 2. The particular model releasing on that date will be the highest end one, sporting 2TB of hard drive space. As for the 1TB and 500GB models, at the time Microsoft said details of their release “will be shared soon.” Well, I guess “soon” in t...[Read More]

Starladder i-League Starseries Season 2: Na’Vi is finally back

– Francesco Puglisi The last premiere tournament of the season before The International 6 just drew to an end with a banging upset: Na’Vi is back and they are not fooling around. For the ones who have not being following the Dota 2 pro scene too closely, Na’Vi is definitely one of the most famous and cheered for teams in the world. The Ukrainian squad grew to fame in 2011, when they won the ...[Read More]

The Kojima Productions logo movie sure is weird

Well this is certainly one of the weirder things you’ll see on the internet today. Some context: a couple of months ago Hideo Kojima revealed to the world the “really cool full body” of his new Kojima Productions studio’s logo mascot, named LUDENS. Seeming like a skeleton in power armour, Kojima later established that LUDENS’ skull-like face was actually a mask. But w...[Read More]

Murder, psychosis and starvation: A tale of RimWorld brutality

RimWorld is a recent Steam Early Access success story. The sci-fi colony sim puts players in control of a group of crash landed survivors on an alien world, from there your goals are to build shelter, gather food and advance your technology to the point you can send your colonists back into space. It’s kind of like The Sims, but everything hates you. I’ve sunk around seven hours into t...[Read More]

The Bug Butcher is now banned in Australia for a terrible reason

Having been out since January 19 you’d think that The Bug Butcher by Awfully Nice Studios was safe from the ban heavy Australian Classification Board. Well it turns out that’s not the case, as they have indeed butchered the bug, labelled the game as “Refused Classification” or RC. Those unfamiliar with The Bug Butcher can check out my review from earlier in the year here. A...[Read More]

New Gears of War 4 gameplay and snazzy console

Xbox has dropped some footage from Gears of War 4’s campaign featuring Marcus Fenix fighting alongside his son JD and friends. The gameplay seems to take place early in the campaign and shows off new executions, dynamic weather effects and of course the new enemies, the Swarm. Prepare to hear “SWAAAARRRRMM!!!!!” a lot throughout the campaign. Also announced was the limited edition Gears of War 4 t...[Read More]

Valve sends cease and desists to CS:GO gambling sites

For a company renowned for having a loose definition of the term “soon”, see the much studied phenomenon of “Valve Time”, Valve has made a quick turn around with regards to responding to this whole Counter Strike: Global Offensive gambling mess. Last week, Valve said they were going “start sending notices to [CS:GO skin gambling sites] requesting they cease operations...[Read More]

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