Registration for first Australian Rainbow Six: Siege ESL tournament is now open


The very first Australian Rainbow Six: Siege Electronic Sports League tournament begins on July 17, with registration now open for players on PC and Xbox One.

Ubisoft announced today the online tournaments will consist of four rounds/cups, with a prize pool of $1000 for the winning teams of the final cup on each platform.

So if you’re one of those people who successfully conquered Siege’s insane difficulty curve and are actually good at the game, now’s your time to shine!

rainbow six siege grenade out

“Wait, there’re strategies other than ‘C4 everyone through the walls’?!”

Teams can register their PC or Xbox One teams over on the ESL website.

Here are the specific cup dates from the press release:

  • Open Cup #1 – July 17
  • Open Cup #2 – July 24
  • Open Cup #3 – August 7
  • Open Cup #4 (Final) – August 21

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