Push Me Pull You coming to PC, Mac and Linux this week


You’d be hard pressed to find a game released this year stranger than developer House House’s Push Me Pull You, a multiplayer game where weird, CatDog-esque human abominations wrestle each other over a ball. These freakish, well, freaks of nature claw their way around squeaky courts all to simply drag a ball from one side to the other, along with all our hopes for a pleasant night’s sleep ever in our future.

If that sounds like exactly the kind of thing your life is missing, and you don’t own a Playstation 4, then good news: Push Me Pull You is releasing for PC, Mac and Linux this Thursday, July 14.


Rejoice (and try not to throw up)!

The game will be available on Steam, the Humble Store and itch.io.

As was aforementioned, Push Me Pull You released on Playstation 4 back in May this year to much critical acclaim, including from our very own Charlie. He described it as “a fun throwback to being able to play a game in the same room with friends and laugh hysterically as you do it,” and that he “cannot endorse this game enough.”

Just have a sick bag handy, I already feel nauseous thinking about it…

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