Xbox One S launches on August 2


The Xbox One S has been slated for an August release since it was announced this past E3, it was just a matter of when. Well, now it’s official: the Xbox One S is arriving on August 2 in Australia.

xbox s

“Imma comin’ for your living rooms…”

As was confirmed at E3, there will be several different versions of the Xbox One S which differ in hard drive size. The 2TB model is the one launching on August 2 for $549AUD, with Microsoft saying details on the release of the 500GB and 1TB models “will be shared soon.”

As well as boasting a 40 percent smaller form factor compared the Xbox One, 4K Blu-Ray support and HDR colour, all three Xbox One S models will ship with the newly tweaked Xbox One controller. Aside from changing the colour from black to white, the controller has a more textured grip, improved wireless range and Bluetooth capability. The new controller will be also available as a separate purchase from August 2 for $89.95AUD.

I would make a white power joke, but I won’t. Wait…

For anyone just about to hop on the Xbox train, who also has a 4K HDR TV, this seems to be a good way to go. Anyone though ought to really stick to the current model. A refreshed controller is always nice, as is a smaller form factor, but it would seem the gaming capabilities of the system have remained the same, save for some HDR support in upcoming titles like Gears of War 4, which again you’ll need to have a current TV to enjoy.

The actual boost in gaming performance, at 1080p and 4K, will come next year when whatever Project Scorpio turns out to be launches. What this touted behemoth of a machine will mean for the console ecosystem going forward still remains to be seen, and while I still consider myself sceptical of those on older hardware not getting a raw deal, I did recently put some thought in what it would take for that not to be the case. Short version: it will have to go all in on being like PCs.

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