The Pokémon GO Honest Trailer is glorious


The internet, heck, the entire world, has gone mad for Pokémon GO. Stories about it have dominated newsfeeds of both social media and video games press alike for the past month, and depending on how much of a fan of the game you are it’s either been great fun or a huge annoyance.

We here at LoadScreen have tried to keep our Pokémon GO coverage to a tolerable minimum, mainly comprising of my stupid first outing with the game and also the sudden realisation Professor Willow, and us Pokémon Trainers, are mass Pokémon slaughtering psychopaths. Sure, we like to keep up with what’s hot in gaming, but we also don’t want to bug the crap out of you all.

Having said that though, today Smosh Games released the Honest Trailer for Pokémon GO, and it’s just too glorious not to share. They rip into how the original trailers misrepresented the final concept, the meaningless shaming between the three teams and how a lot of crimes reported recently involve the phrase “while X was playing Pokémon GO“. The video is certainly a cracker regardless of whether you’re a fan or a detractor.

I’ll be honest (not even sorry), I hadn’t seen that Hilary Clinton bit prior to watching the video. I don’t think I’ve ever face-palmed so hard from a bad pun before. And I love bad puns.

While on the subject: I don’t know if I’m alone here, but while Pokémon GO managed to get me on board in the beginning, I find myself pretty much done with it thanks to the crazy hardcore players pretty much locking me out of anything fun. Now that it’s been out for a while, it seems that unless you’re someone who visits a major city centre every day, or are a uni student who isn’t adverse to skipping all their classes, you just can’t engage in the actual point of the game: battling for and holding Pokémon Gyms for your team.

All the gyms I come across are held by people who have Pokémon who are around 1500-2000 CP, and a casual player like myself who plays on the way to and from work outside the CBD just can’t compete with that. So really all the game is for me now is catching Pokémon I don’t want just to grind them into candy and feed them back to what I have, to slowly crawl towards a bar of entry that is way too high, and is still getting higher.

I have no real solution to fix this particular problem, but maybe another battle mode where trainers’ can be matched up according to their level and just battle each other, where their Pokémon earn CP or candy for fighting. That way we can, you know, actually train the ones we have rather than grind our way through catching every Pokémon in sight.

Then again, maybe I’m just a spoil sport/”filthy casual”. I’ll be quiet now.

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