Month: July 2016

Battleborn is super cheap in the 2K Humble Bundle

If you’ve been waiting to pick up a copy of Battleborn on PC then today’s your lucky day, it’s available in the latest Humble Bundle for $15US. Yes, a full Steam copy of Battleborn is in the highest tier bracket of the “Humble 2K Bundle 2”, the latest pay-what-you-want charity offering from Humble. It’s no secret that Battleborn‘s player base has plummeted...[Read More]

Holy Telltale trailer, Batman!

What’s up my caped crusaders? You’re in luck if you’ve been eager to check out Telltale’s interpretation of the pointy eared vigilante, as a new batrific trailer is now available for us to look at with our eyes. Fans of the forever retold Harvey Dent/Falcone saga are in for a treat, as the trailer suggests that is the story we’ll be getting. Those unfamiliar with the ...[Read More]

Xbox One S launches on August 2

The Xbox One S has been slated for an August release since it was announced this past E3, it was just a matter of when. Well, now it’s official: the Xbox One S is arriving on August 2 in Australia. As was confirmed at E3, there will be several different versions of the Xbox One S which differ in hard drive size. The 2TB model is the one launching on August 2 for $549AUD, with Microsoft sayin...[Read More]

Hindu statesman isn’t okay with Symmetra’s goddess skin

Hindu statesman Rajan Zed has issued a statement calling for Blizzard to remove legendary skins for Symmetra, as they “trivialized Hinduism’s highly revered goddesses.” The skins in question bear a likeness to the Hindu goddess Devi, which conflicts with Hindu beliefs, as Zed explains “in a video game set-up, the player controlled the movements of Devi, while in reality the devot...[Read More]

Offline mode and Death Star maps finally coming to Star Wars Battlefront

Buried among all the posters, teasers and behind the scenes shenanigans of the upcoming Rogue One spin off film from the Star Wars Celebration last week, EA unveiled the next few updates for Star Wars Battlefront. First up on July 21 is the Skirmish update, which adds the ability to play certain game modes offline. Offline players in Battlefront have so far been stuck with the lackl...[Read More]

Nintendo announce the Classic Mini system

Nintendo seem to be killing the market at the moment with Pokémon GO augmenting realities for fans and non fans alike. And it looks like the company are set to keep this popularity revival going with the announcement of the Nintendo Classic Mini, a console in the like of a miniaturized NES and preloaded with 30 nostalgia triggering games. The Nintendo Classic Mini will launch in Australia on Novem...[Read More]

Valve has had enough of naughty gamblers

Gambling and video games have been paring as well as peanut butter and crippling leg pain at the moment. Last week’s CS:GO lotto fiasco painted a nasty picture of barely legal gambling rings, which you can read all about here. At the time many wondered why Valve sat idly by allowing these Las Vegas’ of filth to happen. Well now Valve appears to be doing something about it, which I is g...[Read More]

Pokémon GO’s Professor Willow is totally killing our Pokémon

If you’ve been on the internet in the past week then you’ll be aware that Pokémon GO came out and is taking the world by storm. Thousands upon thousands of people are running around their respective cities chasing little critters in the augmented reality game and looking like crazy fools but having ever so much fun doing it. Despite being a non-Pokémon fan, I booted up the game when it...[Read More]

New Overwatch hero announced: Ana

Meet Ana, the next hero to join the Overwatch line up. Armed with a sniper rifle, Ana is a long-range support character, where her rifle shots heal team mates and cause some damage to enemies. She can also knock foes out cold with sleep darts, as well as buff allies with her Nano Boost ability, increasing their speed, attack and defence. Here’s her reveal gameplay trailer from Blizzard. As f...[Read More]

FTC imposes new rules on Warner Bros over sponsored gameplay video marketing

Warner Bros must take extra measures to ensure any sponsored marketing they conduct with “influencers” (aka YouTubers) comes with adequate disclosures according to new rules brought upon by the US Federal Trade Commission. Posted on the FTC website, the new rules come as a result of an FTC investigation into Warner Bros’ use of paid gameplay videos in the marketing campaign for t...[Read More]

Push Me Pull You coming to PC, Mac and Linux this week

You’d be hard pressed to find a game released this year stranger than developer House House’s Push Me Pull You, a multiplayer game where weird, CatDog-esque human abominations wrestle each other over a ball. These freakish, well, freaks of nature claw their way around squeaky courts all to simply drag a ball from one side to the other, along with all our hopes for a pleasant night̵...[Read More]

Microsoft backtracks on this week’s Xbox Play Anywhere announcement

Well this is disappointing news. Earlier this week Microsoft announced on Windows Blog that their Xbox Play Anywhere program will apply to all future games published by Microsoft Studios, giving the impression that all previously Xbox exclusive franchises would now be cross compatible with Windows 10 PCs. Now it seems like that notion was inaccurate, as Microsoft has since edited the Windows Blog ...[Read More]

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