QuakeCon shows off Prey and Quake Champions gameplay


QuakeCon is underway at the moment, which means finally, finally Bethesda have shown off some more details of the bombshells they dropped at E3.

I guess that’s a pretty subjective statement, so specifically I’m talking about the new Prey and Quake Champions.

First up, let’s start with Prey.

Man, I know I’ve previously shared my disappointment that Prey is going to have nothing to do with the original game, but this still looks like something really interesting.

Above all else, it’s the way the monsters, whatever they are, seem to be able to mimic objects that creeps me out the most. I won’t be able to trust any of the office chairs in those haunting environments.

And the narration seems to further solidify the notion that the story involves the protagonist repeating this nightmare they’ve found themselves in. The original trailer featured a lot of repetition. Are we playing as clones, doomed to repeat an experiment? My sci-fi brain is tingling…

As for Quake Champions, I do believe I see the return of ROCKET JUMPING!

Quake Champions is looking pretty cool to me. A lot of people weren’t fans of the new DOOM’s reimagining of the arena shooter formula, but I enjoyed the combination of old school speed with modern twists, like the single player campaign.

Need to wait for a hands on I suppose, but I’m intrigued. Pretty environments though!

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