Nick Xenophon fires a misguided shell at Mario Kart


After shocking some gamers by claiming certain FPS games should be classified as a form of gambling, Australian Senator Nick Xenophon is at it again, this time setting his sights on Mario Kart, and the issue he has isn’t even slightly comprehensive. 

The beef with Mario arose following Xenophons’ statements against FPS games, after which South Australia’s Consumer and Business Services Minister John Rau encouraged gambling regulators in the state to refuse betting on any form of gaming event no matter where it’s held.

"Let's-a bet it all on black!"

“Let’s-a bet it all on black!”

“Children are particularly vulnerable to the attraction of gambling on sporting contests conducted on the platform of video games. The Government is determined to keep our children cyber safe. We do not want them to be introduced to gambling under the guise of a game” Minister Rau said via a statement.

Responding to this is a statement from Xenophon, in which he alleges Rau’s action impacted a Mario Kart event held in Adelaide on the 6th. The supposedly interrupted event was the Mario Kart 8 Ultimate Challenge, held at Titanium Security Arena.

Although it’s unclear how anything out of the ordinary occurred, as the event reportedly went off without a hitch. Xenophon even attended himself and was shown playing an indie game, which to be honest is pretty great considering how much he appears to be loving it!

The claim that anything shady was interrupted on the day seems to be a mistake on Xenophon’s behalf, and his connection between Mario Kart and gambling is pretty vague, especially considering the link with CS:GO is clear and relatively justifiable.

“Mario Kart is a fantastic game that many millions of people around the world have enjoyed, but there are legitimate questions to ask about a kids game being used as a vehicle for online bookmakers and for gambling” said Xenophon.

Pay your depts and you won't have to be constantly flinging fire out of paranoid rage.

Judging from the look you can tell that dude owes Mario some serious coin.

Whilst the ins and outs of this particular case aren’t all that clear, unless Xenophon led a covert operation to bust up an illegal Mario gambling ring no one knew about, one thing is clear, the Senator certainly isn’t backing down from his stance on Video Games and their supposed link to gambling… even if he isn’t establishing what that link is.

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