No Man’s Sky is a hoarder’s nightmare


So No Man’s Sky is finally out, and we can finally see what you actually do in the game and it pretty much boils down to difficult hoarding. So far I’ve had mixed feelings about it, and to be clear this isn’t a review, just an ode to my fellow hoarders and OCD riddled gamers.

It turns out that once we manage to push out into the universe and discover alien planets, most of what we will be doing is mining. Well that’s what No Man’s Sky has led me to believe. I’m all for mining by the way, not in the Minecraft kind of sense, but in the, “oh hey this mineral is rare let me trade it for currency which can then be used to purchase goods and services. I like earning currency, who doesn’t?” kind of way. It’s objectively great.

But the thing with No Man’s Sky is that your inventory space in the early game provides the most real struggle for people who are driven to pick up everything they find. I’ve spoken before about how OCD makes playing RPGs hell, but No Man’s Sky takes that hell to galactic levels.

no man's sky

Just seeing rocks is making my hands sweat.

Inventory is the number one commodity in No Man’s Sky, you need space (not that kind lolololololol), and lots of it! Once you’ve gone through the motions of escaping the first planet, you’ll soon realise the game is just a constant jump to and from planets collecting necessary minerals. Unless you’re like me and you get into a hoarding driven trade loop.

Let me explain: I found a moon rich in gold, located just 18 seconds pulse flight from a space station. So I have just been obsessively mining the moon bare and selling the sweet sweet gold for lots of profit. But why? The answer is so that I can buy a new ship, which will have more inventory space… so I can fill it with more gold to sell. Leaving the gold rich moon isn’t an option. Why would I ever do that? There’s literally infinite wealth. It’s a vicious cycle. But what’s killing me is that now I am an in-game millionaire… there are zero ships presenting themselves with sufficient storage for my needs.

I saw the perfect ship maybe two hours of in-game time ago. But due to the procedural generation of the game, one that matches those perfect statistics hasn’t shown up again. I had saved literal millions of units to buy it, and I’ll never find it again. This is destroying my OCD riddled brain. I needed it. I had mentally bought it. It was mine. But now it’s gone forever.

It's a cold universe we live in

It’s a cold universe we live in

So now I’m still just going through the motions of mining, selling, repeat. Occasionally pirates will show up to rob my valuable cargo, and due to having a crappy ship they almost always kill me before I can escape. I feel like I’m in a Groundhog Day situation.

It’s great in a way, but in another it’s its own type of hell. I’ve become a space Daniel Plainview, drinking all the space milkshakes for little reward.

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