No Man’s Sky players are getting refunds regardless of time played


It is safe to say that No Man’s Sky has disappointed a lot of people. Players have suffered many technical woes on both the Playstation 4 and PC versions. A long list of features hinted at/outright confirmed by developer Hello Games prior to launch were missing from the game. And even despite all that, the game that was shipped was fairly disappointing in its own right.

Well, it would seem that aggrieved players are expressing their displeasure not just in comment section outrage but by requesting refunds on their purchases in droves.

Threads are popping up on Reddit and NeoGAF where users are saying they’ve successfully obtained refunds from Steam, the PSN Store and Amazon by citing “bad performance” and “false advertising” as the mitigating factors. Some users claim they were successful via standard email correspondence, others say they had to go through a live chat scenario with a customer service operative, while some even had to put through multiple requests before they were approved.

No Man's Sky_20160812134104

I’m sure all those customer service operators certainly would love to not live on this planet anymore…

What’s interesting here is these refunds are being approved well outside the restrictions traditionally imposed by these various storefronts. Steam traditionally offers refunds providing user playtime is less than two hours, though exceptions can be made; the PSN Store’s policy only allows refunds on purchases that have not begun downloading or are faulty; and Amazon don’t accept returns on digital games at all.

However, many of the users claiming they’ve received refunds say they’ve spent more than 50 hours playing No Man’s Sky.

What we should make of this is anybody’s guess. Is it another admission from a publisher/storefront of a broken game launch, much like last year’s PC port of Batman: Arkham Knight? Are the retailers acknowledging the false advertising claims might hold water? Or are some people jumping on this because, despite spending a significant amount of time playing it, No Man’s Sky wasn’t the “infinitely re-playable” game they hoped it would be? 

Could be a combination of all three.

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