New Watch_Dogs 2 gameplay shows hacking via RC toys


I’ve said before how 2014’s Watch_Dogs was a fantastic example of how you should and shouldn’t market a game. Its pre-release material looked unreal, in fact it looked literally unreal because it turned out to not be representative of the final product.

With the upcoming Watch_Dogs 2 however, it seems Ubisoft have learned their lesson, with their latest gameplay clip from the game being presented as running on a Playstation 4 and established as an alpha build. It also actually looks and feels more like someone actually playing the game and seems less orchestrated than that first Watch_Dogs presentation, even though this new video undoubtedly is following a rehearsed plan.

The 20 minute gameplay clip takes place in the bay area of Watch_Dogs 2’s San Francisco map, and is narrated by the game’s animation director Colin Graham (who sounds strikingly like Seth Rogan at first, or is that just me?). It begins with a quick tour of the local area, establishing some mission objectives and showing off the new user interface and alterations to the driving gameplay given that was a major criticism of the original game.

From there you can skip a couple of minutes where they outline all the different kinds of douchey hacker clothes you can make the protagonist wear, as then they get right into the good stuff: all the new toys and strategies players will have in Watch_Dogs 2, and the big claim that the entire game can be completed without killing anyone.

Despite me finding their inconspicuous-ness entirely dubious (that was fun to write), that mini drone and RC Jumper look like they’ll be cause for some fun shenanigans. But come on, what dog isn’t going to chase a little buggy rolling around?! Also, while the seamless merging of gameplay sessions to create drop-in and out co-op looks fun and interesting but given the shonky internet we have here in Australia, I look forward to struggling to get it to work.

Watch_Dogs 2 releases November 15 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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