PokéStop proximity used to advertise rental property


Be honest, is anyone really still playing Pokémon GO? After my initial adventures led to a constant grind to reach the insanely high bar of entry to battle Pokémon Gyms, and when I discovered the real cost of all that grinding, I uninstalled the app from my phone. I kept running out of Pokéballs, and without the ability to directly battle my friends, the effort I was taking to go out and get more was all for naught.

If only I lived somewhere with more PokéStops nearby, like say in this rental property up in Queensland that boasts being within 60 metres of one.


But how many Zubats spawn around there?! PROBABLY TOO MANY. (Source: Domain.com)

Is this the future, where a location’s convenience in relation to augmented reality games is a top selling point ahead of proximity to shops, restaurants and public transport? Are competitive AR games going to turn into a literal class war, since where you live will play a crucial role?

I’m probably thinking about this too much. I mean, it’s probably just a young real estate agent capitalising on the latest craze to do their job better.

The real shock from reading this for me was that $400 a week can get you a nice, three bedroom house in inner east Brisbane. We are getting shafted here in Melbourne…

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