Resident Evil VII demo is getting an update, plus a new trailer


The Resident Evil VII demo on Playstation 4, dubbed The Beginning Hour, has gotten an update within the past 24 hours according to the Playstation Blog. Details are scarce as to what exactly the update adds to the experience, just that it “expands on what you can do and explore.”

Since Beginning Hour’s release in June players have been trying to uncover its mysteries, and have become particularly stumped by the seemingly useless Dummy Finger item. The demo has multiple endings, but so far none of them require the finger to instigate, leading people to believe it might be related to a future event. Perhaps with this update they will finally get their answer.


Me though, I’m more concerned about where I can get the gun. Yeah, the gun would be nice. (Source: Playstation Blog)

In other good news, the update heralds the end for the need to have a Playstation Plus subscription to download the demo, meaning every PS4 user can access it in the Playstation Store.

Along with the announcement is also a new trailer for the full game. It gives us more of a look at the creepy mansion, the murderous Baker family, and it certainly isn’t for the squeamish…

I sat down and played the Beginning Hour demo when it came out a couple of months ago, and like a goddamn idiot I missed a lot of the little clues the more astute detectives discovered. That’s probably because I was far too spooked to stick around, so I guess you can still enjoy me being a scaredy-cat.

Resident Evil VII launches January 24, 2017.

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