Digital Homicide are making it rain lawsuits


When news struck that Digital Homicide were suing Jim Sterling back in March, those who followed the feud between the YouTuber and the game devs weren’t too surprised. The relationship between the two had been hostile for a long time, since Sterling called them out on making asset flip games, and they reacted, by criticising Sterling for turning gamers against them.

For those wanting background on this whole saga, look no further than this episode of the Jimquisition:

The situation seemed like an avoidable one, sure Jim did an episode justifiably criticising the game, but Digital Homicide doubled down on awfulness and decided to feud with the popular critic, drawing more attention to the scenario and plenty of cringe content, like this nourishing interview.

So suing Jim Sterling was a nuclear move from Digital Homicide, but now they’ve escalated that by taking legal action against 100 Steam users who left abusive reviews or comments on the gaming marketplace.

After taking legal action against the Steam user base, Valve (the company behind Steam for those not in the know) naturally removed all of Digital Homicide’s games, because why would they keep working with a dev who tries to nuke their user base? Valve told Kotaku that they have “stopped doing business with Digital Homicide for being hostile to Steam customers.”’

So now Digital Homicide are looking to take legal action against Valve. As they claim in a post on their website “the lawsuit recently filed is solely in regards to individuals where no resolution was able to be obtained from Steam to provide a safe environment for us to conduct business.  By removing us for defending ourselves against harassment Steam is openly stating you cannot defend yourself…”

A screenshot from the inner workings of Digital Homicide's mind.

A screenshot of the inner workings of Digital Homicide’s mind.

Previously Digital Homicide said they hadn’t taken action against Valve as they rely on income from the site, but now their catalogue has been removed, they will be “seeking legal representation.”

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