Someone remade Battlefield 1’s trailer using the beta’s glitches


Who doesn’t love hilarious video game glitches? Sure, they’re annoying when they constantly invade your game and render it unplayable, but if occasionally you’re happily playing and then suddenly the sex scenes you were planning to enjoy turn into hilarious, weapons grade nightmare fuel, they can be a lot of fun.

Heck, Kotaku have “Highlight Reel”, an entire video series dedicated to great gaming clips, and you can sure bet a majority of them are wacky glitches. I’ve spent more time looking at those videos than I care to admit…

Anyhow, the Battlefield 1 beta that just went past had its fair share of glitches, as was to be expected. As they are hopefully going to be ironed out before the game’s October 21 release, someone decided to immortalise them in a new fan trailer.

So enough from me, take a minute to enjoy it. Hey, you’ve earned it!

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