Month: September 2016

The Overwatch console free weekend starts tomorrow

From Saturday, September 10 at 4am AEST, to 9am AEST on Tuesday September 13 Overwatch will be free for console players on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The full game and all its heroes will be playable for new comers, so this is a pretty great chance to drag your friends into the endless pit of turret frustration and spamming group up in team chat. Players using the free trial will earn unlockables...[Read More]

All the Playstation 4 Pro details from today’s announcement

Sony finally lifted the lid on the much rumoured next Playstation 4.5/Neo, revealing its true name is Playstation 4 Pro. The PS4 Pro will support 4K image resolution and High Dynamic Range. No exact specs were given, The console will boast a boosted CPU clock, a “larger” (???) 1TB hard drive and, according lead Playstation architect Mark Cerny, will have “more than doub...[Read More]

The PS4 Slim comes out next week

During the Playstation Meeting conference today, Sony’s Andrew House confirmed the slim Playstation 4 we’ve been seeing around the internet lately is indeed real and will be the standard PS4 going forward. Announced alongside the higher powered Playstation 4 Pro, the PS4 Slim is more power efficient, smaller and will retail for US$299. Australian pricing is unconfirmed at this time, bu...[Read More]

Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay on PS4 Pro

Debuted today at the Playstation Meeting, where the new Playstation 4 Pro was announced, EA finally showed off some Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay. Running on the PS4 Pro, the quick clip shows the protagonist navigating a weird, creepy alien environment. To get the full effect you would have had to be at the conference, but the video can be rendered in 4K if you have the internet bandwidth. Check...[Read More]

Watch the Playstation Meeting live right here

The Playstation Meeting kicks off at 5am AEST, and you can watch it live right here. Announced in August, the press conference is speculated to be based around Playstation hardware, where Sony may finally reveal their upgraded console, codenamed Playstation Neo. Just prior to E3, Playstation chief Andrew House confirmed Neo’s existence but didn’t provide any solid details. We might als...[Read More]

Fallout 4 Nuka World makes you reconsider ghouls

Fallout is always at its best when balancing the bleakness of a nuclear apocalypse and a bit of humour. But, every so often the game jumps right into the deep end of smothering sadness, making you need to take a break and vacantly stare out the window reflecting on your life choices. Well, good news for fans of awful moral choices and self doubt! Fallout 4‘s latest DLC Nuka World has the per...[Read More]

Mafia III post-launch DLC will have you hunting a Satanic cult

Mafia III is just a month away from its October 7 release date, just one more month before that sweet, sweet soundtrack will be playing in our ears. And at PAX West this weekend publisher 2K Games took the opportunity to announce details of Mafia III’s post-launch DLC, so there’ll probably be more classic 60’s tunes where that came from. Just quickly, there’s going to be a ...[Read More]

Telltale’s Walking Dead season 3 gets a title and launch window

After such a long wait, Telltale Games will be premiering the third season of their Walking Dead series this November. During their panel at PAX West this week, Telltale confirmed the news while also revealing that the third season has its own, kinda awkward, title rather than the usual “Season Three”. Are you ready? It’s called The Walking Dead: The Telltale Serie...[Read More]

Hitman retail release date revealed

The decision to make the latest Hitman game a digitally distributed episodic game turned a lot of heads when the news dropped just two months before we were all expecting the full game to launch. Much like Telltale made games, players could either purchase a season pass to get all the episodes/locations downloaded as they became available or opt to purchase each one separately, potentially at a hi...[Read More]

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