Bluetooth N64 controller for PC, Android and iOS coming in October


The Nintendo 64 controller is certainly one of the strangest gamepads ever released. Sure, it doesn’t have any weird, out-there features like the Steam controller’s trackpads but I remember thinking back when they came out that the N64 controller looked like it was designed for three-handed people, seemingly for no reason. Well, that is unless Nintendo knew something we didn’t in 1996, maybe some kind of upcoming human evolution brought on by Y2K.

Anyway, while the N64 has long since faded into retro gaming history, emulators for the thing are still going strong. One released recently for the Windows Store and Xbox One but was quickly pulled from sale soon after. As for all the other emulators, such as Project 64, players would have to use mouse/keyboard controls, adapt another controller type or get their hands on a N64 controller port to USB adapter in order to play all their ROMs.

That is, until today. Or at least the end of this month, because 8Bitdo have a preorder listing on Amazon for a Bluetooth enabled N64 controller for PC/Mac, Android, iOS and also Wii U.


Right in the nostalgia!

As well as Bluetooth support, the controller comes with a six foot USB cable so it can be recharged, as well as wired should its battery be depleted. It releases on October 25 for US$49.99.

With backwards compatibility for classic software already being a bit hit and miss in recent years, it’s good to see some revisions of the original controllers coming to newer hardware. Because it’s not just the games themselves that make the experience, often the means with which you play them are integral too. Just look at the success of preorders for Nintendo’s upcoming remake of the NES, which is full of games already available on the Nintendo eShop but now will be playable with original NES gamepads.

And there’s nothing like playing Goldeneye 64 with N64 controller’s little, always slightly off centre analogue stick. Those were the days!

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