Norway PM busted playing Pokémon GO in parliament


It’s easy to forget that politicians are real people too. We elect them to represent our values, expecting them to be these tireless leaders, never stopping because progress is too important. But sometimes that image of the perfect political battler wavers because they, shock horror, actually get tired or bored and become distracted from their duties.

Maybe they text a friend regarding plans for the weekend, or want to share a funny cartoon about one of their rivals. Or maybe they’re so close to grinding up enough Zubats so they can finally evolve that Golbat in Pokémon GO they decide that parliament can wait damn it!

Such was the case with the Prime Minister of Norway, Erna Solberg, who was caught by The Guardian yesterday playing the smartphone game during a debate.

You pulled that out in our parliament and you’d find nothing but Rattatas. (Photo by: Tom Henning Bratlie for The Guardian)

Solberg pulled out the game while the leader of Norway’s Liberal party, Trine Skei Grande, who has also previously been caught playing Pokémon GO in parliament, was speaking.

She’s taken the whole thing in stride, remarking on Twitter: “She (Solberg) heard what I said, we ladies can do two things at the same time you know.” (Translation via The Guardian).

It’s official, Norway’s parliament is way more chill than any of ours.

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