Anti-Trump billboard slams him as bad gamer who mains Hanzo


Of course Donald Trump would main as Hanzo in Overwatch. Always running off on his own, spamming pot shots at whatever he damn feels like regardless of usefulness or relevance while both his own team and his opposition yell at him to pull his head in. Now who knows if the Republican presidential nominee actually plays Overwatch when he takes a break from his buffoonery, but the recent comparison made by an anti-Trump billboard in the US this week certainly seems apt.

Situated in Orlando, Florida, the billboard was funded by the Nuisance Committee, a Super PAC formed by the creators of Cards Against Humanity. It reads: “Donald Trump mains Hanzo and complains about team comp in chat,” and directs people to a website,, which compares Trump’s campaign behaviour to several stereotypical angry online gamer complaints.

“Winning Overwatch is contingent upon exceptional teamwork, and the billboard and companion website emphasize Donald Trump’s pattern of blaming others for his own failures and shortcomings,” said the Cards Against Humanity team in a press release (via Polygon).


Goddamn, the internet is great some days.

The website caricatures Trump saying things like “my team sucks,” while highlighting his poor team management and the rest of the Republican party fleeing in droves following the recent “locker room talk” scandal. Others include “my controller is broken,” for his habit of blaming others when things go poorly, and “the other team is using hax,” regarding his complaints of a biased media.

Each of the sections also feature artwork of the Republican presidential nominee posing as several other Overwatch characters, like a sullen Genji, a smiling Reaper and a Bastion whose broken hand has resulted in the death of their sweet, bird friend. The art was drawn by comic book artist Daniel Warren Johnson, creator of the Space-Mullet webcomic, and they’re pretty extraordinary. I’m a particular fan of the Trump/Hanzo.


The one time Reaper would crack a smile… (Source:


“You’re FIRED in the hole!” (Source:

Having said that though, can’t believe they didn’t draw him posing as D.Va, because if there’s one person who could use a nerf… you see where I’m going with this.

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