Rockstar Games shared a red version of its logo and everyone’s losing their minds


Most teases from video game developers come in the form of short, shallow trailers or “leaked” screenshots; little tidbits containing not so many details but at least a firm confirmation of the product being teased. Otherwise what are people supposed to be getting hyped about?

But then there are companies like Rockstar Games, who are in the rare position where they’ve earned the acclaim, respect and adoration of players everywhere that they can simply tweet an image of their logo with a different coloured background and everyone loses their goddamn minds.

Rockstar posted that image overnight, and it’s already been retweeted nearly 90,000 times (a time of writing). There’s no accompanying message, no teasing quote, just a re-branding of the Rockstar Games logo. Rockstar also posted the image as their Facebook page cover photo, as well as feature it on the loading screen of their website.

But the one defining aspect of that new image, the shade of red behind the logo, has the internet exploding because it seemingly references one thing: Red Dead Redemption 2 might be on its way.


Art from the original game, for comparison’s sake.

As you can probably guess, people are excited.

Some more aggressively so than others…

Seriously, this is marketing hype you just can’t buy.

While it isn’t 100 percent confirmed that this is a Red Dead Redemption 2 announcement, there isn’t a whole lot else it could mean. That is unless Rockstar’s taking their Table Tennis franchise in a whole new direction…

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