Jim Sterling narrating the Nintendo Switch trailer is better than the real thing


We talk about Jim Sterling a lot around here, like how a game developer he justifiably trashed tried to sue him and how he’s bang on in his crusade against microtransactions in full priced games. As well as being a powerful voice in modern gaming media, as much as he stresses he’s not a journalist, he’s also a great entertainer and sometimes he combines those two things to great effect.

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Thank god for him.

Like today, where his latest “Jimquisition” episode looked back at last week’s Nintendo Switch reveal, praising it for being clear, concise and informative as to what the actual hell Nintendo’s new console is going to be, rather than a clusterfuck of mixed messaging like the Wii U. Sterling comments that the Switch’s trailer didn’t bother with stupid narration or vague text statements, rather just clearly showed all the various uses of it, giving a better elevator pitch than the Wii U ever did. And personally, I’d say he’s right, since given my experience with video games retail I’ve encountered many confused parents wondering if the Wii U was a new controller for their Wii, or if it was a standalone portable device for car trips, or just wondering what the fuck it was given it was such a weirdly marketed concept.

But Sterling makes his point by doing exactly what he praised Nintendo for not doing: providing his own narration of the trailer, and it’s glorious. Seriously, it should have been in the actual trailer. Check it out below:

Nailed it Jim, nailed it.

Also, my two cents on the Nintendo Switch: it looks pretty cool and credit to Nintendo for thinking outside the box. If it works as well as advertised, and this being a very stylised trailer I’ll remain cautiously optimistic, then I can see it being a very successful device for not only kids but also families/housemates with limited TV usage and uni students who spend all their time chilling on the quadrangle lawns instead of studying.

The main thing I feel Nintendo needs to worry about is the graphical grunt of the device, since I’ve always felt Nintendo should be vying for both fans of their exclusive games but also for fans of cross-platform third parties, like FifaCall of Duty and whatnot. It’s all well and good to announce a plethora of third party developers being on board with the Switch, but unless it can run their corss-platform games at an appropriate quality then they just won’t develop versions for it, like what happened with the Wii U. Seeing Skyrim on the thing is a step in the right direction, but we’ll just have to wait and see what the Switch’s specs are like.

Bottom line though, this is the first Nintendo console I’ve been intrigued enough to actually maybe buy, so I’ll give them that!

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