Keen for more Nintendo Switch info? You’ll have to wait until January


Nintendo got the internet talking last week when it announced its new console, the Nintendo Switch. As was previously rumoured, the Switch is a home/portable console hybrid capable of being transformed into a variety of configurations for many different gameplay situations.

But that’s all we really know about it, well that and its coming in March 2017. And we’re not going to hear any more until next year, as Nintendo announced today its next Switch related presentation will take place on January 13 2017.

Well ain’t that a Switch…

In the press release, Nintendo confirmed the announcement would be livestreamed around the world on that date at a to be confirmed time, and would include the specific launch date of the Switch.

So until January 13 we’ll just have to keep watching the reveal trailer over and over again. Or you could watch the far superior Jim Sterling narrated one, because it’s amazing.

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