Some snapshots from Skyrim Special Edition


So Skyrim Special Edition launched yesterday for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC, and once again we can all ignore our real life responsibilities and venture out into the wilderness, take arrows to our knees and Fus-Ro-Dah to anyone who’ll listen/be blown away.

While we’ve already seen a comparison between the PS3 and PS4 versions this past weekend, I thought I’d hop on the PC version of the new remaster, crank the settings to ultra and take some snaps of the starting area. I would have more since I spent about 90 minutes taking pics, but some kind of glitch with NVIDIA ShadowPlay wiped all the ones I took from the beginning of the game, so here’s what I have left.

First off, yes trees/terrain in the distance still looks pretty bad.



Although distance shots of structures still look great.

But secondly, the new and improved grass scattered everywhere is goddamn gorgeous.


That sweet, firery grass.


Morelike GroundRim, amirite?! I’ll see myself out.

Anyway, after spending far longer than I should have staring at all the grass, I decided to do what Skyrim does best: just go for a wander, see what happens.

I soon ran into this hunter woman, who suddenly decided to go hunt something (shock horror), so I followed her.



She quickly lost her prey and this all led to nothing, so instead I got a closer look at her character model. Hers and other character models look pretty good, I guess? Hard to convey in a picture, but their movement looks smoother, like in Fallout 4, but their actual look still feels dated.


Bitchin’ face paint though.

It was after this mysterious hunter wandered away that the sun started to set and I got a couple great shots of the gorgeous “godrays” Skyrim Special Edition has. There ain’t nothing better than a good godray, I don’t care what anyone says.


Yep, that’s the stuff.


Who cares about Alduin’s reign of carnage, let’s just all watch a sunset.

As the sun went down, I made it to Falkreath, where it began to rain.


I know right, rain! In sunny, sunny Falkreath!

And just as I was about to leave the game, tired and ready to go to bed, I spotted this lonely cow, whom upon noticing me decided to wander closer to the fence. She looked so exhausted, resigned to the rain and fed up at her lot in life.


I feel you, mate.

Such a meaningful connection was shattered once I hopped the fence to have a closer look at her and saw that her texture files looked like someone had stretched a low-res image of a turd all over the model.


Somehow, I still feel you, mate.

Ah well, it was fun while it lasted. All in all, from what I’ve seen, Skyrim Special Edition is certainly a noticeable improvement on the original game, but it certainly does retain some of its age. It’s certainly tempted me back into playing through the game again, but that definitely wouldn’t be good for my productivity…

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