Battlefield 1 Behemoth guide – Wreck or get rekt


While we trudge on through Battlefield 1 for our review, let me just take a second to present a guide to tackling the classic multiplayer shooter’s newest addition to the formula: behemoths.  These monstrosities will spawn for losing teams depending on the score difference and time that has passed, and they have the power to turn the tide of the battle if used effectively. Here are some tips on how to keep your behemoths alive and take enemy behemoths down.

Airship – bombs away

The drivers of the behemoths have the most important roles, and this is emphasised with the Airship as it has the most limited attack range but greatest mobility. If you’re lucky enough to be the pilot it’s tempting to go straight for groups of infantry or to try and capture a point, however first priority should be any anti-aircraft turrets, as the pilot’s bombs are the most effective at destroying these. Head straight for any AA shooting at you and drop the payload onto them.


Bombardiers to your stations!

A full Airship also has the capability of single-handedly capturing points in Conquest or Operations. If the majority of your team is going for a point, then take the Airship to capture a different area before assisting the rest of the team. That way the enemy will have to split up, allowing your team easier captures of multiple points.

Gunners also have vital roles in keeping the Airship airborne for as long as possible. If you’re on one of the top guns, you’re expected to be shooting aircraft. If you’re on a gondola gun on the underside of the Airship you’ll be able to hit infantry and even heavy armour targets like tanks, but be sure to prioritise AA trucks and turrets first.


Airships are lit.

Popping the balloon

The most effective vehicle against the Airship is the artillery truck with the ‘Anti-Aircraft’ package. You’re capable of doing excessive damage whilst still being able to drive away if the Airship notices you. Otherwise AA turrets are effective, especially if the Airship has a terrible pilot.

Tanks can also inflict some damage. If you’re unable to fire your cannon at the airship, position your tank on a slope to get a better angle. And no matter what you’re using, target the gondolas hanging on the underside of the Airship. You’ll kill the gunners and even temporarily knock off the gondola if you inflict enough damage.

When it comes to aircraft, most pilots opt towards the Attack Plane with the ‘Airship Buster’ loadout, as its rockets inflict decent damage without having to get too close to the Airship’s AA cannons. However, if you’re daring I would suggest the Fighter Plane’s ‘Trench Fighter’ package, as its bomb allows you to inflict significant damage, and the plane is nimble enough to get near the Airship without taking too much damage.

Armoured Train – choo-choo-choose your targets

Here comes Thomas the Tank Destroyer. The armoured train is generally the most vulnerable of the three behemoths due to the fact that it’s stuck on rails. If you’re the driver it’s best to keep the train away from enemy positions, but in an area where the other guns still have line of sight.


All you had to do was follow the damn train!

The train driver has access to an artillery mortar that’s useful for taking out major threats such as tanks, field cannons, and even infantry mortars. The guns on the rear carriages can support the driver, but they should primarily focus on any infantry that are trying to sneak up and throw dynamite on the train. Also be aware that anti-tank mines can be placed on the railway and will inflict heavy damage to the train.

Moving the train close to enemy positions can allow you to decimate the enemy. As this is extremely risky I would only attempt this if the other gunners are competent and you can communicate with them. If you’re on PC, you can use the chatbox to call out targets to the gunners, but if you’re on console you’ll need your entire squad to be the gunners in order to communicate. This is possible when the train arrives as it delays the ability to spawn directly into it; so if you spawn at your team’s starting location, you can run to the train on foot and hop aboard.


All aboard the “git rekt” express.

End of the Line

It’s best to engage the Armoured Train from long range and while hidden behind buildings. The HE mortar does a surprising amount of damage, otherwise tanks and even field cannons can fire over buildings to hit the train; just be aware of the driver’s mortar. The Landship with the ‘Tank Hunter’ loadout will inflict the most damage if you have someone manning each cannon. Assault class infantry can also leave mines on the railway or throw dynamite on the train while the gunners are distracted.

Dreadnought – water you going to do?

The Dreadnought is potentially the most powerful behemoth. Its artillery cannons can annihilate capture points and take down fortress walls on the other side of the map. And there’s little the enemy can do to prevent it.


You can almost hear the whistle of the artillery coming down.

As the Dreadnought’s captain you’re able to position the ship far away from land to avoid fire from tanks and artillery emplacements, whilst still being able to hit almost anywhere on the map with the Dreadnought’s multiple artillery cannons. It’s difficult to precisely aim where the artillery will hit, but as the blast radius is so large you can generally just fire at enemy points and get a couple of kills. Make sure to use the shell camera to spot enemy positions while you wait for the cannon to reload. Think of it as a built in wall-hack.

Anti-aircraft cannons are situated on the rear of the ship, meaning the front is the most vulnerable, so once you’re in a good position, spin the dreadnought around so the rear faces the enemy. The artillery cannons are ineffective against boats, so let the AA cannons take care of them as well as enemy aircraft.

Stop the Boats

As Dreadnoughts are typically situated far off-shore, tanks and stationary cannons will have difficulty hitting it meaning you’ll primarily be using boats and planes to attack the ship. The ‘Torpedo’ package for the Bomber aircraft is highly effective, but as the Bomber is so large and slow you will be vulnerable to the AA cannons on the Dreadnought.


Another beautiful day on the European coast.

The boats are also equipped with torpedos. Position yourself so that the Dreadnought is facing towards you, as to avoid the rear AA cannons. If the Dreadnought isn’t moving you can bombard it from a distance, otherwise you can sail up to it and hide next to its hull.

Also note that on the ‘Fao Fortress’ map that there are a couple of capture points that have access large coastal cannons. If you go into the bunkers you can control these cannons and use them to bombard the Dreadnought.

And that’s it! Always make sure not to waste your behemoth otherwise it’s likely that your team will crash and burn along with it. Once you get a feel for each behemoth you’ll be able to use them to help swing your team towards victory.

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