Month: October 2016

PAX Australia will showcase VR with Omni Trackpads

VR has been all the buzz this year, with Oculus Rift releasing in March, HTC Vive with its room-scale tracking technology in April and Playstation VR dropping yesterday. We’ve got our hands on one of the PSVR sets here at LoadScreen and are in the process of reviewing it, but in the meantime you can see me having my little “OMG” moment before getting down to serious, objective re...[Read More]

Overwatch is celebrating Halloween with new loot and a brawl

I’m just going to come out and say it: I love pimping out my Overwatch characters in different skins. Not enough to spend money on the microtransactions just for the chance to get what I want, but I was certainly overjoyed when I unlocked Reinhardt’s badass “Blackhardt” armour. Now I look like a boss that was rejected from Dark Souls III for being too goddamn terrifying. An...[Read More]

Mafia III reignites frame rate debate, can’t we all just get along?

So Mafia III came out this past Friday, and due to review copies arriving on the day of launch our review is still a while away. Hey, get off my case; it’s a big game and I’m not made of time. But in the meantime, there was much derision about the PC version shipping with a locked frame rate of 30 frames per second. PC players were understandably pissed off since many of them have prob...[Read More]

Metro 2033 developer teases VR game

I never made it very far into 4A Games’ 2010 horror/shooter Metro 2033, mainly due to having a sub-par PC at the time and also it being creepy as balls. When it comes to horror games I always land in either the “this is terrifying, but I love it” camp like I did with Outlast or a big world of NOPE like I did with Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and Metro 2033 certainly fell into the l...[Read More]

Oculus Touch controllers price and release date revealed

In the VR market, the Oculus Rift has so far been the only headset available without any form of hand or gesture controls. The Vive shipped with two wand controllers and room scale sensors in its launch bundle and Playstation VR, coming out next week, is compatible with previously defunct Playstation Move controllers, allowing players to simulate touch within their VR experiences. The Rift has so ...[Read More]

Norway PM busted playing Pokémon GO in parliament

It’s easy to forget that politicians are real people too. We elect them to represent our values, expecting them to be these tireless leaders, never stopping because progress is too important. But sometimes that image of the perfect political battler wavers because they, shock horror, actually get tired or bored and become distracted from their duties. Maybe they text a friend regarding plans...[Read More]

Modern Warfare Remastered requires a game disc to play

Hope you weren’t planning on immediately trading in/refunding that Legacy Pro edition of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare you’ve got on preorder with the hopes of keeping the Modern Warfare Remastered for free, because it looks like you’re going to need the disc in order to play it. On the new website dedicated to the remaster of the 2007 hit, some fine print states (emphasis added...[Read More]

Bluetooth N64 controller for PC, Android and iOS coming in October

The Nintendo 64 controller is certainly one of the strangest gamepads ever released. Sure, it doesn’t have any weird, out-there features like the Steam controller’s trackpads but I remember thinking back when they came out that the N64 controller looked like it was designed for three-handed people, seemingly for no reason. Well, that is unless Nintendo knew something we didn’t in...[Read More]

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