Titanfall 2 Pilot tips – Wall run and gun effectively


There’s a lot to learn if you’re new to Titanfall, and here we’ll cover the basics as well as a few more advanced Pilot techniques. My first tip to both new and returning players is to simply play the campaign. It offers a variety of situations and environments and really helps to teach the basics of both Titanfall 2’s gunplay and movement. I even recommend grabbing the Pilot collectables, as many of them require tactical wall running and jumping.

A good area to practice is the training gauntlet. Ignore the targets and focus on moving through the gauntlet as quickly as possible in order to understand how to chain wall runs and slides. You’ll gain the greatest momentum from the initial jump after a wall run, so you should be pin balling between walls as much as possible. I’d recommend watching some gauntlet guides, such as Gamesager’s 20.6 second world record, as they utilise some techniques that can help in general play. But assuming you’ve got that down, let’s move a little deeper.

Movement in Multiplayer

Kills are quick in this game, so being a hard target offers the greatest advantage against your opponents. You should be aiming to minimise your time on the ground and maximise the time you’re chaining wall runs. The Grapple ability is helpful to instantly scale a building or cross a gap, meaning you not slowing down as much.


Move good and you’ll look good.

Bunny hopping is what starts to separate skilled Pilots. As FrothyOmen on Youtube shows, it’s simple on paper but difficult to master. First you must gain speed by sliding or wall running. Once you’re moving, jump then hit the crouch button while you’re in air, then the moment you touch the ground you’ll need to jump again. If you jump too early and you’ll double jump which cuts your speed, but too late and you’ll go into a full slide which also slows you.

This process becomes easier using a controller with extra buttons or paddles, like the Xbox Elite controller. If you’re using a standard controller, consider changing your control scheme to ‘Evolved’ as it allows you to hit jump and crouch easier. PC players can stick to whatever they’re most comfortable with; the default ‘WASD’ layout can suffice here.


I swear, this is an epipen!

In order to strafe or turn while hopping, you’ll have to hold left or right on your movement stick, and move the right stick slightly towards your intended direction. This takes a fair bit of practice to get a feel for exactly how far you need to move the right stick to you go where you’ve intended to, but allows you to move around the map while hopping.

Once you’ve got an understanding of the techniques, it all comes down to map knowledge and environmental awareness. Knowing the best paths from point A to point B means you can get across even open areas or climb buildings in moments.

Loadouts and Gunplay

If you’re unsure of how to customise your pilot, just stick to the default loadout as it’s a solid all-rounder. The R-201 Carbine is a capable weapon at close to medium range and the Grapple is useful in many situations. And don’t forget that hipfire is very accurate at close range, and can be done while wall running, jumping, and even sprinting with the right attachment, so you don’t always need to aim down sight.


Let me just borrow your pistol for a moment.

Each primary weapon class focuses on different roles. The Assault Rifles are solid at most ranges, with my favourite being the Hemlok, as it’s capable of killing Pilots with a single burst. SMGs and Shotguns are obviously better at close range, with SMGs giving a little more flexibility. The CAR is easy to control, but if you can handle the Alternator’s horizontal recoil and small mag size, it’s a more powerful option.

Light Machine Guns are my go to for ‘Bounty Hunt,’ as you can take down minions and still have bullets leftover if a Pilot comes after you. Grenadier weapons are the most powerful, and even have roles as anti-Titan weapons, but are difficult to handle and have slow projectiles.

If you want to use Snipers in a movement heavy game, they also exist. The Kraber is capable of one-hit kills but requires you to lead your targets at long ranges, so only quickscopers or aiming gods have any hope with it.

Pistols and anti-Titan weapons fall under the secondary weapons category. If you’re using a Sniper or Grenadier you should probably use a pistol as back-up, with the RE-45 Auto and Mozambique shotgun pistol being my favourites. In terms of Anti-Titan weapons, the Charge Rifle is the most versatile, as it does high critical hit damage at range, but experiment with other options, as they each have potential depending on the map.


I think I might just go this way instead…

Choosing your Tactical ability often synergises with what primary weapon you’re using and your play style. After Grapple, Cloak is the most versatile as it’s easier for you to ambush Pilots or rodeo a Titan unnoticed. Stim and Phase Shift are good if you’re going close-quarters, as they help close the gap on enemies or allow for a quick escape. Pulse Blade’s wall hack is also useful in close combat and your team can also see its effects. A-Wall is best for semi-auto snipers, as it requires you to stay in a single spot, but boosts damage. And if you’re after a useless ability, choose Holo Pilot.

With Ordnance, my advice is use anything but the Frag grenades. They’re powerful, but the timed delay means enemies will likely be gone before it explodes, and if you’re cooking the grenade you’re left vulnerable. The Satchel charge is better overall, as you can throw it and set it off instantly. The Arc Grenade and Gravity Star are great for leaving Pilots open to follow-up shots, and the Electric Smoke is great for killing minions in ‘Bounty Hunt.’

There are two perk options, called Kits, and what you pick here is all down to your play style.  For example, I use my Tactical Abilities often, so I choose Power Cell on all my loadouts, but if you use your grenades the most then choose Ordnance Expert.


Be vewy vewy quiet. I’m hunting Pilots.

Boosts are your Pilot’s killstreaks, and the best one currently is Map Hack, which acts like a Pulse Blade but across the entire map. Assuming that gets nerfed, the choice once again comes down to your play style. Going after Titans? Amped Weapons will increase your damage. Helping friendly Titans? Then choose Battery Back-Up for some extra health and core charge.

Once you have an idea about all that Titanfall 2 offers, it comes down to experimentation and practice. Find what’s right for you and stick with it. Just hop, shoot, and never stop.

Unless it’s to get into a Titan. But more on that next time.

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