Watch the Mass Effect: Andromeda cinematic trailer here


It’s November 7, at least in the US, and that means it’s N7 day, which in turn means it’s time for more Mass Effect: Andromeda news.

We got our first taste of the next Mass Effect at E3 earlier this year, with the news our previous progress won’t impact the new universe. Then at the Playstation 4 Pro announcement we got to see the first proper gameplay demo running on the new machine. Well today we have a proper cinematic trailer, and it’s certainly looking slick.

Ominous, narration about being awoken from a long sleep. Lots of holographic interfaces within ancient temples. A metric butt-tonne of spacesuits. Yep, this is Mass Effect all right.

If you were gobsmacked by how gorgeous that trailer looked, that certainly makes two of us. And while most of the time we should apply a little scepticism when it comes to trailer visuals versus the end product, the video ends by disclosing that the footage is not only captured in-engine, but is “representative of game experience”. Most of the time trailers make a point to say that while it’s “captured in-engine” or “running on a PS4”, the footage is “subject to change” or “pre-alpha” or some other term that covers their bases should things need to be changed come launch day.

But not this time; it’s written there, clear as day. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen it stated so plainly like this before.


The internet never forgets. (Source: YouTube)

So there you go, that’s the kind of visual quality we can expect from Mass Effect: Andromeda. It may take a high end PC to get it there, who knows, but that’s what it should look like and EA and Bioware can be held to that. I almost commend them for saying it, because hopefully it means they’ve held off on showing the game until it’s been ready to be shown in the state it will release in.

Sadly Mass Effect: Andromeda isn’t releasing until Spring 2017 (Australian Autumn), and will be available on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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