Titanfall 2 Titan Tips – Mechs maketh the man


Previously we looked at the Pilot; now we move onto the titular Titans.

First, let’s start with general ways to earn your Titan. The most straightforward way to earn build time is killing minions, pilots, and even just damaging Titans. Capturing objectives and amping points in Amped Hardpoint matches will also help to build your Titan faster, so PTFO.

The most neglected method, but also the fastest, is to rodeo an enemy Titan to steal its battery, and then place the battery into a friendly Titan to heal it and increase its core charge. This is risky, but altogether can net you fifty percent towards your own Titan.

Now that you can get a Titan, let’s look at which ones are in your arsenal.



Let’s Ion out the details.

The Ion is the default Titan, and while it isn’t the best at anything, it can perform well at all ranges. The Splitter Rifle is decent against both Titans and Pilots, assuming you can land your shots, and has two firing modes: a standard automatic fire and an alternate mode when zoomed in that fires more projectiles in a horizontal spread.

Ion’s precision Laser Shot ability inflicts high critical hit damage on Titans and can kill Pilots at long range. The Tripwire is useful for ambushing, or helping to cover an escape around a corner, due to its high damage. Be sure that the Tripwire is deployed in a space where the mines can all connect, otherwise it won’t arm.

Both of these abilities, as well as the alt-fire mode of the Splitter, consume energy, something unique to the Ion. You can track your energy on the diagonal bar to the left of the Ion’s crosshair. Make sure you’re managing your energy levels so that your abilities are available when you need them.

Core abilities are killstreaks for the Titans, and the Ion’s Laser Core is one of the best. It fires a stream of energy which destroys enemy Titans very quickly. Use it to start a fight or finish one quickly.



Kneel before Scorch.

Scorch is a slow and close range Titan. Its Thermite Launcher deals high damage on direct hits, but is confined to a single shot per reload. The key to using the Scorch is to combine its abilities. Drop a Gas Canister near an enemy and ignite it with the launcher or the Firewall ability. If the enemy Titan rushes towards you while trying to escape the flames, the Scorch’s defensive ability, Thermal Shield, will melt incoming projectiles and deal damage to anything it touches.

The Scorch’s Flame Core ability deals high damage quickly and in a large area. Wait for multiple enemy Titans to get in range, and then slam them with your fiery shockwave.

Also note that the Nuclear Ejection perk is useful for Scorch and can often net you a couple extra kills, as you’ll typically be trying to get as close as possible to enemies when playing as this Titan.



More like a ‘Flighten,’ am I right? Eh, eh?

This Titan is capable of hovering over obstacles in order to get a better shot. It’s an underrated Titan, as it struggles to defend itself in direct combat, but is capable of dealing high damage from a distance.

Northstar holds the Plasma Railgun, a sniper that does increased damage as it charges when aimed. It’s a good strategy to stand behind cover as you charge before popping out and shooting, as non-charged shots aren’t particularly powerful.

Tether Trap and the Cluster Missile are the Northstar’s primary abilities, and are strongest when combined. The Tether will restrict the movement of enemy Titans for a short period and the Cluster Missile functions as it did in the original Titanfall, where it creates a sustained explosion on impact.

Northstar utilises the Flight Core which, like Pharah in Overwatch, causes it to hover in the air and unleash a barrage of rockets. It’s a powerful attack, but leaves you open to fire from anywhere on the map, so don’t use it if the opposing team has their Titans all spread out.



They see me Ronin, they hatin’.

Ronin is the sword-wielding Titan from all the promos. It’s very strong at close range, but completely useless at a distance. Its weapon is Leadwall, a shotgun that hits hard and fast to both Titans and Pilots. Its melee damage is higher with a longer range, thanks to the sword which can also block damage or unleash a wave of electricity to stun enemy Titans.

Ronin’s Phase Shift allows you to teleport from one spot to another by moving through a different dimension; sort of like Nightcrawler from X-Men. I like using this to close the gap on enemies, empty my shotgun, before dashing behind cover to reload. I would strongly recommend changing your Ronin’s kit perk from Ricochet Rounds to Temporal Anomaly, which recharges Phase Shift faster. Just be aware that if you exit Phase Shift inside another Titan, you will die.

Sword Core electrifies the Ronin’s sword, increasing its power, reducing even more damage while blocking, and increasing the recharge rate of the dash. It’s a high risk but high reward ability, as Ronin has such little armour that multiple Titans can still kill you quickly even with Sword Core activated, so remember to block damage when you can.



We Toned it down for this screenshot.

This is a versatile Titan if you’re accurate. The Tone’s 40mm Cannon is semi-automatic and fires explosive rounds that can kill Pilots instantly. Like Northstar, the Tone can snipe from a distance, but its abilities allow it to directly engage enemy Titans as well.

All of Tones abilities work best when used together. A typical engagement has me drop a Sonar Lock while behind cover, to locate the enemy Titan. Then I dash out and deploy a Particle Wall, as it blocks enemy projectiles but allows me to fire freely. I’ll then shoot a couple of rounds before firing Tracking Rockets.

The lock-on for the rockets isn’t a timer but instead requires three shots from you cannon, or two while sonar is activated. The great thing about the rockets is that there’s no cool down; you can fire them after every three cannon hits (or one critical hit with the right perks).

Tone’s Salvo Core launches a barrage of guided rockets that follow where you aim. A popular manoeuvre is to launch the salvo into the air and bring them down onto the enemy before they even realise what’s happening. Or just launch them in panic moments like I do.



Everyone uses it, so you’re always fighting a legion of Legions.

Legion is currently the most popular Titan, as it’s basically a beefier Ion. Its primary is the Predator Cannon, a minigun capable of sustained fire after a brief spin-up, and can switch between close and long-range modes. Both modes deal the same damage per second, but the close range has a higher rate of fire with more spread, while long-range is accurate but consumes twice the ammo. The close-range spread means that it’s not very effective at tenderising Pilots, even at close ranges, so stick to long-range mode to take them out.

Legion’s abilities are Gun Shield, which deploys a barrier on the Predator Cannon, and the Power Shot, which fires a single high damage round. Legions using Smart Core, giving your cannon infinite ammo for its duration and auto-targets enemies, are useful for hitting Pilots and wiping groups of minions.

Because of the firing modes and DPS, the Legion can fight at any range. Coupled with its high armour, this currently means it’s a little too strong, so be aware that it’s likely to get nerfed at some point.


I might sit this one out…

And that’s it for our introduction to the Titans. Now it’s up to you to choose your favourites and practice with them. Are you going to make the most of Legion before its nerfed, or are you going to practice with the other Titans so you’ll be at an advantage post a Legion nerf? The choice is in your massive metal hands.

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