Civilization fans have been playing the game together as a democracy in Democraciv


Remember Twitch plays Pokémon? Or the slightly darker Twitch plays Dark Souls? Well a group of Redditors have gone one up in terms of intricacy by turning a game of Civilization V into an exercise of Democracy.

The idea is simple, well as simple as Democracy, which is totally a system that works all around the globe at the moment. Players all vote on the actions of one nation, in this run England, and are organised into political parties consisting of The Pirate Party, The National Democrats, Space Communists, The Global Socialist Initiative Party, The Meta Independent Party and the Nihilistic English Order.

Players vote a party into power, and you better believe each of them has a party platform, and they’re not fucking around either, the platforms are lengthy and well written. Elections are conducted with campaigning and opposition smearing. Currently England is at war with Siam, so a few parties have been campaigning on the basis that they will free Siam. Take this snippet from the Nihilistic English Order’s platform for example:

“The Siamese people are a free and just people, that although we may have had conflict in the past deserve the respect and freedom of any people. How can we declare ourselves a government of the people if we would oppress others who seek that very freedom.”

I did say they weren’t fucking around…

The parties have campaigns...

In case you thought all of this was a lie, here’s a Space Communist poster… Photo via: Reddit.

Much like the real deal, the Government in Democraciv is split up into three branches, Legislative, Executive, and Judicial. To understand the role of each branch it’s best to quote directly from the subreddit:


The legislative branch, well, makes laws. That’s not it though; some of their other powers include helping appoint the judges on the Supreme Court and the General, and deciding when to make peace or go to war. The legislative branch has a number of seats equal to 10% of registered voters which caps off at 20.


The Executive Branch of government is divided between the Ministry, the Mayors, and the General.

The Ministry runs everything on the federal level (not in a city), and until mayors are elected, they run the entire game, save for the army.

The Mayors are elected for their specific city only, and control everything within it, with some limitations specified in the constitution.

The General is appointed by the ministry and mayors, and confirmed by the legislature. They, as the name suggests, run the military with nearly unchecked power. There are some limitations in our constitution to prevent them from going power mad 😉


The Judicial branch at the moment is made up of one court (though they can make others), the Supreme Court, which in turn consists of five justices appointed by the ministry and mayors and confirmed by the legislature.

So, yeah. The name these guys use is pretty damn accurate. You’ll be happy to know that their quaint little operation is going smoothly so far, apart from the Siamese war. If you want to play it’s as simple as registering to vote, because of course, and if you’re keen to read up more about Democraciv, click right here, it’s pretty amazing stuff.

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