Month: December 2016

The saga I went through to play Modern Warfare Remastered

And so, with the waning of today’s sun, 2016 draws to a close. A year that took many beloved celebrities and where politics suddenly became everyone’s favourite topic both on and offline, what with Brexit and Trump. Yeah, from a societal and political standpoint, 2016 was a confederate flag emblazoned dumpster fire. But aside from happily seeing the back of a below average year, the ap...[Read More]

Garbage games of 2016

Charlie and Tom have given you their highlights of 2016, now it’s time to look over the lowest of the lowlights. Unlike last year, we thought we’d collaborate on this list so that it doesn’t get too subjective based on one person’s tastes. Also it’s worth noting, a few games on here we genuinely enjoyed parts of, but controversy has left them on the scrap heap of the ...[Read More]

Charlie’s top three games of 2016

We’re well over a year into doing the whole independent game site thing, and I must say… I’ve played a fuck load of games in that time. Disgusting amounts in fact, and it’s as great as it is daunting. I mean, yeah on paper playing games all day sounds great, but sometimes we have to play games that really suck, and we have to play them long enough to form a justifiable opin...[Read More]

Tom’s top three games of 2016

Man, 2016 was garbage. Lots of great famous people died, the UK shat the bed politically, the US immensely shat the bed politically, and my home Australia certainly engaged in its fair share of governmental diarrhoea (looking at you, the 77 people who gave Malcolm Roberts a reason to be in the news). But when it comes to video games, 2016 was actually pretty good, so good in fact that I was really...[Read More]

The Endless Lake guy needs to be more responsible around water

If you couldn’t swim would you run full pelt down a pier full of holes? No, you wouldn’t. Facebook recently launched arcade games via messenger, which for the most part are innocent rehashes of classic games like Pacman, until you get to Endless Lake and discover a blatant disregard for basic water safety. In the game you have to inform an arrogant idiot that his inevitable death by dr...[Read More]

Age of Empires II is getting an expansion next week

Party like it’s 1999, because Age of Empires II, is getting an expansion, and holy shit… Age of Empires II is 17 years old now. The update entitled Rise of the Rajas will introduce four new civilisations to the 2013 Age of Empires HD re-release, (Burma, Khmer, Malay and Vietnam), new units, new environments and four fully voiced campaigns. Not bad all in all for a game that came out th...[Read More]

For Honor will be always online

For Honor, the upcoming competitive, team based hack-n-slash game from Ubisoft, will require an always online internet connection, despite previous statements to the contrary. A NeoGAF user recently posted a response from a Ubisoft community representative to a forum post asking about For Honor’s internet requirements, saying players will need to be connected “at all times” in or...[Read More]

Santa Claus is coming to Overwatch and he’s spamming turrets

The Overwatch Christmas event is here, and the costumes are pretty great, well depending on your level of seasonal cheer. The seasonal costumes can be unlocked the usual way by leveling up, or you know, you could do that gambling thing and buy a batch. Each loot box you earn during this event will contain at least one festive item, but that includes profile icons, sprays, victory poses, emotes and...[Read More]

The Last Guardian showcases what’s wrong with PS4 Pro existing

So The Last Guardian finally came out last week, and by some miracle it isn’t total garbage unlike most games that are in gestation for the better part of a decade (looking at you, Duke Nukem Forever). That’s not to say it’s brilliant, as it certainly has its fair share of issues from both a gameplay and a conceptual standpoint, but my time spent with the game hasn’t been a...[Read More]

How to unlock the true ending and solve the dummy finger puzzle in Resident Evil 7’s midnight update demo

In case you weren’t aware, Capcom recently updated their demo of Resident Evil 7 on the PlayStation 4 with the “midnight” version. The previous update to this demo, the “twilight” version, updated the Baker house for the player to explore further, and included a new ending. This version of the demo, however, provides not only a “true” ending to the experience, but also a solution to the infamous d...[Read More]

There are some pretty great The Last of Us Part II plot theories

Of course The Last of Us Part II being announced was always going to be a big deal, but what we perhaps didn’t anticipate is how the plot would be introduced to us. And in typical trailer fashion not too much was hinted at in the moody reveal last weekend. We were reintroduced to Ellie and Joel, with heavy hints of revenge and a sing song, but why is Ellie so worked up? Why didn’t we s...[Read More]

Destiny’s ‘The Dawning’ Holiday Event – Racing, Strikes and Exotics (ft. Icebreaker)

‘The Dawning’ is Destiny’s upcoming event, running from December 13th to January 3rd. Bungie unveiled its trailer during the PSX Keynote, and it included some surprising features. The Tower will see some seasonal snowfall, decorative baubles, and banners for Sparrow League Racing’s comeback. This year you’ll be able to race on the new Mercury map while avoiding Vex artillery fire, as well as throu...[Read More]

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