Titanfall 2 – Free Multiplayer and Free DLC this weekend


Haven’t played Titanfall 2 yet, despite our glowing review? That’s alright, we won’t take it as a personal insult as long as you play the game during this weekend’s free multiplayer trial, which starts on Saturday the 3rd of December and runs until early on Monday the 5th (AEDT). You won’t have access to the fantastic and crazy campaign, but you’ll be able to play as much multiplayer as you want during the trial period.

The ‘Angel City’s Most Wanted’ DLC also launches on the 3rd, meaning trial players will also have access. The content includes a new perk for each Titan, the B3 Wingman Elite pistol, a new Pilot execution, and the fan favourite map ‘Angel City’ from the original Titanfall. And if you preordered Titanfall 2 you’ll already be able to play on the new map.

A city for fallen angels.

Like any ‘free’ DLC game these days, the content will of course be funded using micro-transactions, which have also been included with the latest update. The good news is, these are entirely cosmetic and you can buy exactly what you want; no RNG necessary. There are new sets of Camos, Callsigns and patches, and Nose Arts and skins for each Titan, and they are some of the fanciest in the game. Each of these packs range from $2.65 to $5.35 AUD.

Biggest, and most costly at $5.95, are the Prime Titans. These won’t change the way you play or give you any advantage, but are cosmetic upgrades that change the chassis and execution of your Titan. Currently there are only Prime versions of Ion and Scorch, with more to be added later. And those new executions are brutal.

Say that to my face, laser.

Say that to my face-laser.

The update also adds balance changes (no more OP Legion and Tone), as well as bug fixes and new settings, such as a FOV slider on consoles and an FAQ section. The FAQ will be especially useful for new players this weekend, as it details multiplayer gameplay, features and ranking, such as how you can earn credits to unlock more abilities.

And if you’re still worried that micro-transactions will become pay-to-win, there’s an FAQ for that too:


Enough said.

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