Destiny’s ‘The Dawning’ Holiday Event – Racing, Strikes and Exotics (ft. Icebreaker)


‘The Dawning’ is Destiny’s upcoming event, running from December 13th to January 3rd. Bungie unveiled its trailer during the PSX Keynote, and it included some surprising features.

The Tower will see some seasonal snowfall, decorative baubles, and banners for Sparrow League Racing’s comeback. This year you’ll be able to race on the new Mercury map while avoiding Vex artillery fire, as well as through the Russian snow on Earth.


Things are heating up on Mercury.

Players will be able to earn eleven new Sparrows, including gold and SIVA versions, which all look pretty cool but not quite as good as last years. Which isn’t too bad as it means I won’t be tempted to buy them. Because we all know microtransactions will be back.


The King’s Touch Sparrow will pair well with the MIDA Scout Rifle.

There will also be cosmetic consumables, new weapon Ornaments, gear, Shaders, Emblems, and Emotes to be introduced during The Dawning. I’m sure that not all of these will be locked behind pay-walls, but I’m also sure plenty will. Hopefully the RNG won’t be as bad as it was in what has now been dubbed the ‘Festival of the Cost.’

Fortunately, Bungie has told Game Informer that unlike Festival of the Lost, there will be some permanent content added during The Dawning. Sparrow Racing will be available after the snow melts, as well as a new Strike Scoring, similar to the Prison of Elders points system, to go along with some ‘new’ strikes and bounties.

And by ‘new’ strikes I mean old ones with new mechanics. The strikes that feature Omnigul and Taniks will be SIVA-fied, and the fan favourite ‘Nexus’ strike will make its Year 3 return with Taken enemies, as well as requiring the ‘Vault of Glass’ raid relic for some unknown purpose during the boss.


My team only wiped ninety percent of the time when I carried the relic.

There will be new exotic quests to earn the long rumoured Solar and Void variants of the Thunderlord machine gun, named Abbadon and Nova Mortis respectively. The big news is that Icebreaker is making its return. You’ll be able to earn a Year 3 version of the god-sniper as a random reward from new Strike bounties. But considering how Bungie considered it to be somewhat game-breaking (hence why it hasn’t returned until now), expect it to be further nerfed.

The Dawning looks like it’s going to be a decent event. Even if the microtransactions are Festival of the Cost levels, at least players are getting new(ish) and permanent content.

But seriously Bungie, stop with the RNG microtransactions.

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